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193 Student Coffeehouse
Org Name: 193 Student Coffeehouse
Org President: Ross Bohensky
Phone: 774-277-2863
Email: 193degree.events@gmail.com
Description: The Coffeehouse is a fairly unnoticed and wonderful space for students to relax, study, play board games, have intellectual discussions about life and academia, and meet to socialize over a hot cup o' joe! Our mission is to provide a non-profit, fair trade coffee bar with a friendly and creative atmosphere and what many people call the best coffee and atmosphere on this campus! This eclectic gem hosts fun and free events for students, as well as serving as a meeting space for other organizations, clubs, and open lectures. Our Coffeehouse is by the students, for the students, and our all-volunteer staff are passionate about serving $1 and $0.75 coffee to make people smile and help weary students wake up to study or exercise! This is a one-of-a-kind student venue and coffee lounge where everyone is greeted as a friend.
Location: Memorial Union Room 200
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month are movie nights, and 2nd and 4th are Open Mic nights. All start at 7pm.

Meetings: Tuesdays, 6-8 p.m. @ 193 Coffeehouse

Special events and updates are posted on our events Facebook page!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/193degreescoffeehouse

Twitter: https://twitter.com/193_coffeehouse
Category: Creative Outlets
Alima International Dance Association*
Org Name: Alima International Dance Association
Org President: Sayee Campbell
Phone: 401-499-8364
Email: alima@rhodysenate.org
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alima-International-Dance-Association/263079957069345?ref=hl
Description: Alima International Dance Association is a family whose goal is to spread the
diversity of dancing that derived from the African roots. Alima wants the
world to become aware of the diversity and the beauty of cultures fused
together into one. Alima believes that different nationalities and
backgrounds should come together through music and dance. Although,
people have different believes, different languages and certainly different
dance rituals, Alima does not look at these differences. It focuses more on
what people really have in common, and this is exactly what Alima does;
taking all different types of music that sounds good and that sends a positive
message and performs to it. The "Rhythm of the Soul" is

In Arabic, ALIMA means, "Those who are skilled in dance and music." In
addition to increasing awareness to appreciation of dance derived from
Africa, ALIMA seeks to spread understanding of a lifestyle based on holistic
development of the body, mind, and spirit. In its approach to performance,
ALIMA seeks to create a special relationship with its audience intended to
send energy out and to have that energy reflected back to the performers.
ALIMA's vision is to establish an international academy for the teaching of
African dance, leadership, communication, and holistic development.

Our Members
Alima accepts any and all students enrolled at the University of Rhode Island, both
undergraduate and graduate. We have one requirement of all our official members: all members must choreograph a dance to present to the e-board. These dances, created by and representative of our members, are how we choose what dances will comprise our annual showcase, Rhythm of the Soul.
Events: 14th ROS (Rhythm of the Soul) Showcase.

Fall 2018 Meetings TBD
Location: Memorial Union 137
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Treasurer: Marie Loua
Secretary: Jeanny Altera
Public Relations: Chidera Igbodi
Wardorbe Coordinator: Lavender Moore
Advisor: Blessing Oyedokun

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Creative Outlets
Alpha Chi Sigma
Org Name: Alpha Chi Sigma
Org President: Jean Bray
Phone: 401-787-1221
Email: alphachisigma@chm.uri.edu
Description: We are the chemistry professional fraternity on the URI campus
-To Bind To Strive To Aid-
We assist in creating a connection both within the university and to many professional jobs for the future. Our brothers are spread out all over the country and have jobs in numerous fields.
Events: Rush event schedule will be handed out at the booth and posted in the new chemistry building. At the beginning of school.
Location: Beaupre Hall
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Erica Carson
Treasurer: Matt Lefebvre
Secretary: Nicole Berte
Rush: Madison Reeves
Alum Sec: John McLinden
Ceremony: Maria Zonfrillo
Historian: Shannon Villar
Reporter: Shannon MacLean
Category: Academic
Alpha Phi Omega*
Org Name: Alpha Phi Omega
Org President: Robert Gemma
Phone: 401-610-0728
Email: alphaphiomegauri@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/uriapo/
Description: Alpha Phi Omega is a coeducational national service organization that provides it members the chance to develop leadership skills through service projects on their campus, in their community and across the nation.

We are an inclusive group, open to all nationalities, backgrounds and genders, and we welcome you to become part of our organization so that together we can pursue a common goal - leading through service to others.
Events: Meetings: Monday 7-8 pm, Great Room in Roosevelt Hall
Location: 10 Thayer Ave
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President of Service: Kathryn Brooks
Vice President of Membership: Rachel DiPaolantonio
Treasurer: Laura Hillman
Secretary: Becky Gumbrewicz
New Member Educator/ Historian: Carly Ellis

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
Alpha Tau Delta Professional Nursing Fraternity
Org Name: Alpha Tau Delta Professional Nursing Fraternity
Org President: Kimberly Drucker
Phone: 401-835-7666
Email: alphataudeltaURI@gmail.com
Website: http://ATDnursing.wordpress.com
Description: Alpha Tau Delta is a professional nursing organization committed to providing an intra-fraternal spirit of cooperation by offering an opportunity for nurses and nursing students to promote their personal and intellectual growth through education, networking, scholarships, guidance, and a collective responsibility to the fraternity. Alpha Tau Delta seeks to achieve an environment that fosters excellence of individual performance, advancement of education, character enrichment, and leadership.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Meetings: Biweekly Wednesdays at 7pm in White 205
Category: Academic
Alpine Racing Team*
Org Name: Alpine Racing Team
Org President: Benjamin Anthony
Phone: 603-714-8957
Email: alpine@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/uri.ski?lst=100001492794552%3A1350351157%3A1522083808
Description: The University of Rhode Island Alpine Racing Team participates in ski and snowboard races throughout the northeast, as part of the USCSA McBrine Division. The team competes in both Slalom and GS events. Along with our annual 5 race weekends from January to February, the Alpine Racing Team offers a 5 day training camp at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont. For more information or to join, contact us at alpine@rhodysenate.org
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Jeff Baxter
Treasurer: Matt Matrullo
Secretary: Kyle Buchheister

Men's Captain: Cameron Richard
Women's Captain: Sophie Silvia
Category: Just For Fun
American Marketing Association
Org Name: American Marketing Association
Org President: Ellen Martin
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: amarhody@gmail.com
Website: http://amarhody.wixsite.com/rams
Description: The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a national and professional marketing club here at the University of Rhode Island. We are committed to build a strong organization of individuals who are interested in developing their professional careers and building skills through networking opportunities and guidance finding internships and jobs. In addition, we provide many opportunities to volunteer and coordinate events for the club. Essentially, AMA helps students put into practice what they've learned!
Location: Tuesdays 5 PM Ballentine Hall Room 105
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President of Professional Development: Megan Kurose
Vice President of Membership: Danny DePetro
Vice President of Fundraising: Ashley Gray
Vice President of Social Media: Clara Crawford

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RhodyAMA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/URI_AMA
Category: Academic
American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP)
Org Name: American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP)
Org President: Ariana Houle
Phone: 401-585-8926
Email: ariana_houle@my.uri.edu
Website: http://web.uri.edu/pharmacy/2013/08/13/american-pharmacists-association-academy-of-student-pharmacis
Description: Mission: To be the collective voice of pharmacy students, to provide opportunities for professional growth, and to envision and actively promote the future of pharmacy. We strive to teach members important clinical skills, promote genuine patient care in the community, and have a voice in pharmaceutical policy.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Meetings: TBA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/APhA-URI/283684445064535
Twitter: https://twitter.com/APhAURI
American Sign Language
Org Name: American Sign Language
Org President: Cara Caputo
Phone: 774-275-4398
Email: urisignlanguageclub@gmail.com
Description: The mission of the American Sign Language club is to enrich lives of its members through the learning of a new language and culture. We aim to immerse ourselves in the culture, and learn through first-hand experience by participating in activities in the deaf community. Through this exposure and the teaching of American Sign Language, the club aims to minimize the language barrier and promote unity between the deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing members of the community.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: VP: Stephanie Greenberg
Treasurer: Allie Bergman
Secretary: Amanda Loomis
Category: Academic
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Org Name: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Org President: Erika Steen
Phone: 401-965-4236
Email: board.uri.asme@gmail.com
Website: http://facebook.com/asmeuri
Description: Student chapter of the (International) American Society of Mechanical Engineers, who's mission statement is "ASME's mission is to serve diverse global communities by advancing, disseminating and applying engineering knowledge for improving the quality of life; and communicating the excitement of engineering.
ASME aims to be the essential resource for mechanical engineers and other technical professionals throughout the world for solutions that benefit humankind." In addition to this we also strive to aid engineering students in their transition from high school to university to the young professional world, and provide a social group open to all students.
Events: Annual Rocket challenge as well as other events.
Location: Wales Hall Bridge
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Meetings: TBD

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asmeuri
Animal and Veterinary Science Club*
Org Name: Animal and Veterinary Science Club
Org President: Stephanie Peramas
Phone: 804-357-8766
Email: uriavsclub@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/260092104093836
Description: This club is open to any and all students- you don't have to be an AVS major to be a part of the AVS Club. We hold bi-weekly meetings and host animal-related events, field trips, and fundraisers. Some events we hold are annual fundraisers throughout the year in which we donate our funds to a local RI animal shelter, the annual Halloween Hoedown, guest speakers, and trips to zoos/ aquariums, and more! We also offer homework and class help and advice.
Events: Be on the lookout for the AVS emails for events, trips, and special guest speakers!

Special events for Spring 2017, include vet school mock interviews with URI Resident Veterinarian, Dr. Brackee Feb. 14, special beluga whale training, research, and husbandry with former Mystic Aquarium beluga whale trainer and URI AVS professor, Dr. Richard on Feb. 28 with a group field trip to Mystic Aquarium the following Saturday.

Other events include DIY animal shelter blankets, undergraduate research presentations, and joint events with Puppy Raisers and AVS professors, as well as volunteering opportunities at a local animal shelter!
Location: Biweekly Meetings Tuesdays 5:00pm CBLS 452
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Treasurer: Allison Mosichuck
Vice President: Amy Vigneau
Secretary: Gianna Zavota
Public Relations: Katelynn Cameron
Freshman Representative: Allie Stift
Anime (Japanese Animation)*
Org Name: Anime (Japanese Animation)
Org President: Amy Kostka
Phone: 401-524-7987
Email: uri.animeclub@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urianime
Description: The club's purpose is to introduce the community, and in particular, students to this popular art form and help them gain an appreciation for it.
Events: Vice President: Megan Hegarty
Treasurer: Allison Redington
Secretary: Emma Anderson

Last Updated on March 2018
Location: Thursday and Sunday at 6pm in the MU Room 308
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: At our regular meetings we get together and watch anime. We also have movie and game nights featuring our collection of anime related board games and movies.

Before all of our meetings we eat dinner in Hope dining hall starting at 5pm at the round tables next to the entrance.
Category: Creative Outlets
Aquarium Club*
Org Name: Aquarium Club
Org President: Aiden Hilt
Phone: 717-802-5436
Email: uri.aquariumclub@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uri.aquariumclub/
Description: This organization will serve to encourage those passionate about aquatic life and its husbandry. Members will be familiarized in the basics of aquarium science (water quality, ecosystem construction, fish breeding, plumbing, live feed production etc.), as well as given the opportunity to practice these skills in collaborative projects. These projects will foster group camaraderie and personal responsibility through the attention living organisms require. Each project will be designed to benefit the community and to inspire the next generations of innovative aquarists.
Location: Mondays 5:00 @ CBLS basement
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Jesse Cobb
Treasurer: Elizabeth Saraf
Secretary: Maranda Ealahan
Category: Just For Fun
Org Name: Army ROTC
Org President: Professor of Military Science:
Phone: 401-874-7682
Email: urirotc@etal.uri.edu
Website: http://armyrotc.com/edu/univri/index.htm
Description: Army ROTC is a program which provides college students the skills and leadership training to become officers in the United States Active Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard.

The academic program which ROTC provides challenges students to develop the responsibility, self-confidence, and leadership ability necessary to be successful, not only in the military, but in the civilian sector as well. The program emphasizes academic excellence, physical training, written and oral communication, as well as ethics to develop all facets of an individual. Qualified cadets have the opportunity to attend U.S. Army Airborne, Air Assault, Northern Warfare, and Mountain Schools, all while pursuing the goal of accepting a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army, United States Army Reserve, or Army National Guard

For its many benefits, Army ROTC requires only a few hours a week. It does not interfere with your required college curriculum or social life. In fact, you will find ROTC a great place to form lasting friendships.

Upon graduation from a 4-year college and successful completion of ROTC, cadets receive commissions as Second Lieutenants in one of the Army's specialized branches. If you would like to build a solid, well-rounded future, take a closer look at Army ROTC at the University of Rhode Island.
Location: Keaney Suite 2, adjacent to the NCAA compliance office
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: http://www.facebook.com/URIROTC

To find out more about University of Rhode Island ROTC, contact us at: (401) 874-7682, or ask any of our cadets you may see around campus!
Advisor: Recruiting Officer: Mr. Matthew Higgins, mhiggins4@mail.uri.edu
Category: Leadership
Art Club*
Org Name: Art Club
Org President: Nicholas M Costa
Phone: 401-280-3174
Email: artclub@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/436541676380937/
Description: We are a collective of creative souls and we welcome all to our family.

Treasurer:Sophia Fusco
Vice President:Andrea R Hunt
Location: Tuesdays/5 pm/Room A102, Fine Arts Center
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Creative Outlets
Asian Students Association (ASA)*
Org Name: Asian Students Association (ASA)
Org President: Julius Chen
Phone: 909-689-6190
Email: asa@rhodysenate.org
Description: The Asian Students Association at the University of Rhode Island, founded in 1985, is a Student Senate recognized organization since 1987. ASA is an inclusive organization on campus with richness in culture and diversity with students from various ethnic backgrounds. ASA promotes ethnic and cultural awareness in the appreciation of the diversity that exists within the Asian community. ASA achieves these goals by organizing various social events in the spirit of entertainment, friendship, and unity.

Mission: Our mission is to enhance the University of Rhode Island's campus community by encouraging student involvement in community services, increasing awareness of Asian topics relative to the world we live in today, providing student support, networking with other student organizations on campus, and supporting all individual's personal growth in art, culture, and religion.
Events: Meetings: Thursdays 6:00pm in Quinn Auditorium
Location: Memorial Union Room 348
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Rebecca Pham
Treasurer: Ugene Sano
Secretary: Becca Mayotte
Public Relations: Alex Huang
Philanthropy Chair: Phuong Ngo
MUSIC Liaison: Silvana Doak

Four Faces of ASA:

Political: We encourage activism and raise awareness of issues of concern to students of Asian heritage: locally, nationally and globally.

Cultural: ASA celebrates diversity by exploring and establishing the roots of Asian heritage.

Social: We strive to provide opportunities for students to interact in an open atmosphere with the URI community and within the organization itself.

Community Relations: ASA reaches out to the greater URI community through programming campus wide in coordination with other URI organizations. ASA provides community service through fundraising to champion a cause in interest.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UrixAsa/

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Astronomy Club
Org Name: Astronomy Club
Org President: Hannah Klinger
Phone: 321-848-8493
Email: uriastronomy@gmail.com
Description: The Astronomy Club offers a platform for any student interested in astronomy, regardless of their previous knowledge! Our mission is to engage a variety of university members in astronomy observations, discussions, and activities, as well as teach students how to use astronomy equipment.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Alec Perry
Treasurer: Kaitlin Morgan
Secretary: Matthew Simonich
Event Planner: Ryan Kelley
Social Media: Adrienne Brennan, Kelsey Severa, and Logan Misturado

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
Best Buddies*
Org Name: Best Buddies
Org President: Sara Dacey
Phone: 401-644-3670
Email: uribestbuddies@gmail.com
Website: https://www.bestbuddiesonline.org/default.aspx
Description: URI Best Buddies helps to build one-to-one friendships between college students and those living in the community with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We partner with Perspectives Corporation, which is a local agency that provides services for those with IDD. Each month, group homes from all over South County come to an event on campus where we eat food and do various age-appropriate activities while building social skills as well as friendships. We pair each college student with an individual from Perspectives and encourage them to hang out, talk on the phone, go bowling, to dinner, and anything you would do with a college peer! If you have any doubts, DON'T!!! This will be the highlight of your college career, we promise :)
Events: Meetings (7-8pm in the Galanti Lounge):
9/13 (Info meeting)

Events (5-7pm in the MU Ballroom):
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: VP: Carmel Tavori
Treasurer: Courtney Kiener
Secretary: Julia Santucci
Membership Coordinator: Emily Yarrow
Public Relations: Emily Degnan
Event Coordinator: Caitlin Heaton
Category: Community Service & Activism
Big Thinkers*
Org Name: Big Thinkers
Org President: Kyle Nacci
Phone: 401-209-7368
Email: bigthinkersuri@gmail.com
Website: http://www.bigthinkers.us
Description: Big Thinkers is a community of people who are passionate about seeing a bigger picture & seizing a better world!

Our mission is to:
1) connect people who think big about their lives & their world
2) explore universally important issues, questions & problems
3) spark new ideas, innovations, projects & organizations
4) strengthen our motivation & ability to make a positive impact
5) create positive change in our lives, our communities & our world

We offer several committees, which we call "think tanks," which cater to the diverse variety of passions among our members. These include:

- Big Questions (for inquisitive minds & deep thinkers)
- Big Ideas (for intellectual explorers)
- Change Makers (for social reformers & entrepreneurs)
- Education Innovators (for educational rebels & visionaries)
- Strength in Equity (for social justice advocates)
- Big Connections (for social networkers & extroverts)
- Youth Power (for educators & mentors)
- Break the Silence (for those who dare to explore taboos)

We also offer members the opportunity to create their own think tank if they're passionate about something that isn't being addressed in our existing think tanks!

Learn more about us and our think tanks at http://www.bigthinkers.us
Events: Our main event of each week is the Big Thinkers Open Forum, which THE place for students, leaders, educators, performers, creators, activists, visionaries and innovators to have their thoughts or work spotlighted. It kicks off every Friday at 5pm in Swan Auditorium (go to http://www.bigthinkers.us/forum/ to learn more about it!)

We also have several other meet-ups and events going on throughout each week, all of which can be found at http://www.bigthinkers.us/events/
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: http://www.bigthinkers.us/events

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uribigthinkers/
Category: Leadership
Bridges International      Grad Org    
Org Name: Bridges International
Org President: Mohan C Mallawa Arachchige
Phone: 401-218-3112
Email: uri.bridgesinternational@gmail
Website: http://www.ribridges.org/
Description: Mission:

URI Bridges International is a student organization which seeks to help international students and scholars through service activities, social networking, and spiritual resources.


Bridges URI is a caring community which is meeting social needs of internationals through cultural events and celebrations; through opportunities to engage with and build meaningful relationships with Americans; and through a supportive environment where internationals can engage with one another to help each other gain the most benefit from their time at URI. We believe that international scholars and students have great cultural, intellectual, and relational wealth to offer the URI community and that by coming together we can help each other adapt and thrive at URI, as well as help each other bring our best contribution to the University and community of South Kingstown. The spiritual resources offered by our organization offer students the opportunity to learn about Jesus, help them to grow in relationship with Him, encourage them to passionately live in a manner consistent with belief in the God of the Bible, and inspire commitment to advancing the purposes of God in the world.
Events: Meetings: Thursdays 5:30-7:30 PM
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: No
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHopeRI
BridgeUSA URI*
Org Name: BridgeUSA URI
Org President: Sam Foer
Phone: 401-626-6370
Email: bridgeusa@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/bridgeuri/
Description: The mission of BridgeUSA is to use politics and political discourse to cultivate and encourage open-mindedness, understanding, intellectualism, civic responsibility, and the revitalization of principles and practices that enable a strong, healthy, and productive political climate for the individual and the collective. Through Bridge, members from across the ideological spectrum are invited to use politics to help others help themselves help the world.

BridgeUSA is a place where politics becomes unifying, and where rigorous debate, rational discourse, and respectful dialogue and listening strengthen all who attend, and the community at large. Together, we support, serve, and train each other in the realm of politics just through being involved and committed to this mission. Together, we make politics into a civil practice and effort for everyone. No more alienation! No more ostrasization! We are the change this country needs, and it starts with us all. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves if we fail to come together for the betterment of our country. We revolve around learning from, and working with each other, no matter another's viewpoint. What an incredible opportunity to rectify politics, invent ourselves, and serve the country!

BridgeUSA URI is the opportunity of a lifetime. There is so much courageous work to do. Now we need courageous people to do it.
Location: Wednesdays, 6:00 PM
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Kayla Albin
Treasurer: Daniel Baglini
Secretary: Katie Connolly

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Leadership
Brothers on A New Direction (BOND)*
Org Name: Brothers on A New Direction (BOND)
Org President: Marlin DaCruz
Phone: 401-688-3542
Email: Bondbrotherhood@gmail.com
Description: Brothers On a New Direction (B.O.N.D.) is a Brotherhood that recognizes the need for unity among young men of color. The men of B.O.N.D. pledge to help guide adolescent men of color towards personal growth, provide the tools for academic success, and lead by example. B.O.N.D. will utilize the skills of mentorship to empower young men with the knowledge that they hold the key to their futures, and in turn can become successful.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: VP: Edwin Sam
Treasurer: Dayo Akinjisola
Secretary: Melvin DaCruz
Brotherhood Chair: Dave Belony
Community Service Chair: Jeremey Pereira
Bonding Chair: Delon Samuels
Events Chair: Taofik Aiyepola
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Cape Verdean Student Association (CVSA)*
Org Name: Cape Verdean Student Association (CVSA)
Org President: Blessing Gbemisola
Phone: 401-256-8324
Email: uri.cvsa@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/318553831512249/
Description: Our purpose is promoting and illustrating the history of a rich culture of Cape Verde to the student body, faculty and administration.

Vice President: Kendra Vieira
Treasurer: Quintin Rocha
Secretary: Ellio Baros
Community Service: Stephanie Olivera
Public Relations: Janine Martins
M.U.S.I.C. Liason: Linara
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/318553831512249/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/CVSA_URI
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Caritas Smile
Org Name: Caritas Smile
Org President: Lauren Burgess
Phone: 978-290-9475
Email: caritasmileURI@gmail.com
Website: https://www.caritasmile.org
Description: Connecting you to real experiences; Mission trips, impact travel, community engagement programs for volunteers, students, groups, and anyone wanting to make a difference in the lives of others

Find your life’s purpose by helping those in need through mission trips and service.

â€"Inspire, Educate, Empower women and children worldwideâ€￾
Events: We want to have a kick of event for our first club meeting. Sixcia Devine, the founder of Caritas Smile, would come in a give a presentation about the organization. We would also have students who have previously gone on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic come in and present on their experiences there. Throughout the rest of the semester and continuing through the future, we will be hosting fundraising and awareness events to educate the URI community about Caritas Smiles and help students with the costs associated with the trip.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: President: Lauren Burgess
VP of Funding: Phuong Ngo
VP of Professional Development: Sean Sutherland
VP of Social Media: Maria Tedesco
VP of Communications: Ciara Mallon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caritassmileuri/

Last Updated March 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
Chabad of URI*
Org Name: Chabad of URI
Org President: Rachel Movsas
Phone: 201-212-3328
Email: chabaduri@gmail.com
Website: http://www.chabaduri.com/
Description: Chabad student club aims to provide a venue for the Jewish community at URI to experience
traditional Jewish culture, spirituality, while performing community service, outreach, and
engagement. We aim to spread the values of peace, love, and understanding to all. Chabad
welcomes students from all religions, faiths, and backgrounds.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Jana Siegel
Treasurer: Ben Reich
Secretary: Sydney Brown
AJ Norton: Jewish Engagement Chair

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014914957126

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Chess Club*
Org Name: Chess Club
Org President: Nicholas Neilsen
Phone: 401-692-3490
Email: nneilsen@my.uri.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urichess/
Description: A community the offers a welcoming and comfortable place to learn, explore and play chess.
Events: Meetings: Swan Hall RM 202, Wednesdays, 6:30-9:00 pm
Location: 6:30pm-9pm Memorial Union
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Dean Kareemo
Treasurer: Abdulrahman Alsasa (Abed)
Secretary: Miles Moorin

Last Updated May 2018
Category: Just For Fun
Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc
Org Name: Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc
Org President: Elizabeth Johnson
Phone: 203-941-9021
Email: alpha.iota@justbecus.org
Description: We, the members of, Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Incorporated, aware of the prejudices and obstacles facing the minority women of our communities, dedicate ourselves to improving these conditions and to working towards the betterment of all women. We have unified ourselves through the sisterhood of Corazones Unidos Siempre and by our Founders�¢€��¢ ideals of open communication and community service, as well as the development of political, educational, cultural and social awareness. We devote ourselves to this challenge, to be achieved through hard work, patience and the collective effort to educate, as is exemplified in our motto, �¢€Ë..."Wisdom Through Education�¢€��¢.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Club Soccer*
Org Name: Club Soccer
Org President: Matt DelGreco
Phone: 339-364-5311
Email: uriclubsoccer@gmail.com
Description: A competitive team that competes against other college and university club soccer teams in New England. We practice 2-3 times a week and have matches on the weekends. Tryouts are held within the first two weeks of the fall semester. Hope to see you there!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Co-President: Dan Salazar
Secretary: Andrew Filipkowski
Treasurer: Aron Greene
Category: Just For Fun
Club Sports and Intramural Council (CSIC)*
Org Name: Club Sports and Intramural Council (CSIC)
Org President: Dominic Campione
Phone: 401-874-2732
Email: csic@rhodysenate.org
Website: http://www.uri.edu/recservices/clubsports/
Description: The University of Rhode Island Club Sports Program is a competitive recreational sports program for University students, designed to meet athletic needs not met by existing intramural and intercollegiate programs. The basic philosophy and key to the success of the program, is the emphasis placed on participation and competition. Each club is organized by students; coaches are selected by teammates, and perform without monetary compensation, unless funds are raised by the individual team specifically for that purpose.

The Club Sports Program relies heavily on student initiative, organization and financing to make the program effective. The Club Sports office considers its primary role in this area to be advisory in nature so as to preserve student initiative and leadership.

The purpose of the Club Sports Program is to:

- Offer a sporting and competitive activity for any interested student, who has the desire to participate, and develop skills in specific sports.
- Provide an opportunity for extramural competition.
- Foster the development and growth of individuals through satisfying competitive club sport experiences.
- To secure the use of facilities and to provide, if possible, equipment and instruction necessary for orientation and learning skill development.
- To serve as a guiding force to perpetuate existing clubs.
- To provide a basis for fellowship among students, around common interests.
Events: Meetings: First Thursday of every month
Location: 75 Keaney Rd. Kingston, RI 02881
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Sydney Smith
Secretary: Sarah Laflemme
Treasurer: Haley Scardina
Senate Liaison: John Searles

Twitter: @uriclubsports

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
College of Health Sciences Student Advisory Council*
Org Name: College of Health Sciences Student Advisory Council
Org President: Drew Lombardi
Phone: 401-284-8673
Email: nkelly@uri.edu
Description: Student Advisory Council works with the Deans of the College of Health Sciences on various initiatives within the College. Examples include various programs working with incoming freshman, planning graduation ceremonies, and other health related events such as food and blood drives.
Events: College of Health Sciences Blood Drive April 5th
Location: Biweekly Wednesdays 8am Quinn 109
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Larissa Giguere
Treasurer: Annie Clarkin
Secretary: Andrea Henninger
Category: Leadership
College Republicans*
Org Name: College Republicans
Org President: Ed Tarnowski
Phone: 401-243-5176
Email: uricollegerep@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/URIGOP/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
Description: The University of Rhode Island College Republicans seeks to promote the values of free market principles, limited government, freedom, and equality of opportunity. The club gives students the opportunity to get involved in the Republican Party and other conservative organizations. It is also dedicated to helping conservative minds get elected into government offices, promoting leadership skills, and giving students a greater range of political knowledge.
Location: Memorial Union: Room 308
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays at 7 PM

Vice President: Abbi Dexter
Secretary: Kyle Moran
Treasurer: Brian Hochmuth
Public Relations Director: Brooke Race

Twitter: https://twitter.com/URI_GOP

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Leadership
Colleges Against Cancer*
Org Name: Colleges Against Cancer
Org President: Marina Carro
Phone: 401-500-0033
Email: marina_carro@my.uri.edu
Website: https://www.relayforlife.org/uri
Description: Join URI's Colleges Against Cancer! We are a committee that meets throughout the school year to plan URI's annual Relay For Life event. This event raises over $50,000 every year for The American Cancer Society and raises cancer awareness throughout our community. Help us make a difference!
Events: Join URI's Colleges Against Cancer! Colleges Against Cancer is the URI organization that meets throughout the school year to plan URI's annual Relay For Life event. This event raises over $50,000 every year for The American Cancer Society and raises cancer awareness throughout our community. At our 12th annual Relay For Life in 2015, we had over 850 students participate and contribute to our fundraising goal. All students are welcome to join the planning committee or to attend our event in the Spring semester. We need your help to create a world with more birthdays and less cancer!
Location: Thursdays/ 7-8PM/ Memorial Union 318
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: We send out weekly emails! To be on this email list, please send an email to collegesagainstcancer@rhodysenate.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/URICollegesAgainstCancer

Vice President: Kyle Pierson
Treasurer: Sydney Reich
Secretary: Nina Doyle
Twitter: @URI_Relay

Last Updated March 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
Collegiate SMILE*
Org Name: Collegiate SMILE
Org President: Steven Mathews
Phone: 401-932-9748
Email: collegiatesmile@rhodysenate.or
Website: http://collegiatesmile.wix.com/home
Description: Collegiate SMILE (Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences) is committed to promoting the pursuit of education in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). We accomplish this mission by conducting projects which promote creativity using science and technology. We also promote STEM-focused outreach to the university community, as well as high schools throughout Rhode Island. Additionally, our group is focused on the personal and professional development of its members by networking with local and global companies.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Wednesdays, 4-5 PM, Memorial Union, Room TBA

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/uricollegiatesmile
Category: Academic
Dance Company*      Grad Org    
Org Name: Dance Company
Org President: Bethany Long
Phone: 845-337-5753
Email: uridancecompany@gmail.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/groups/2200011472/
Description: The URI Dance Company is a great organization that provides students with the opportunity to keep dancing and performing! Offering classes in tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, and pointe, students have a wide variety of classes to take. We do not hold auditions so everyone is welcome! We put on one recital at the end of every semester for the whole Company to showcase the choreography we have worked on to friends and family. Along with recitals, the Dance Company has performed at Rhody Rally, Rhodyville, Relay for Life, President Dooley's Welcome Ceremony. It is a great way to meet students of different ages and be an involved student at URI!
Events: Meetings: Edwards Auditorium Monday/ Thursday 5:30-10:30 (depending on classes) Please email us for more information!
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Treasurer: Krissi Richard
Vice President: Emily Dundon
Secretary: Hope Ashworth

Teaching Positions:
Ballet : Laura Husak
Hip Hop : Graycen Legere
Jazz: Ryann Varney
Tap : Bethany Long
Lyrical : Chloe Ciccone
Pointe: Kayla O'Connor

Last Updated May 2018
Category: Creative Outlets
Delta Epsilon Mu (Pre-Heath Professionals)
Org Name: Delta Epsilon Mu (Pre-Heath Professionals)
Org President: Hannah Sheehan and Elizabeth R
Phone: 617-257-7549
Email: deltaepsilonmuuri@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/uridem/?fref=ts
Description: Pre-Health Co-Ed Fraternity that strives to unite students of the various pre-health professions including Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dental, Pre-Physician's Assistant, Pre-Veterinary, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Psychology, etc.
Location: Pre-Health Advising: Lippitt Hall
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Elizabeth Ramon
Secretary: Diana Ross
Director of Prospects: Bryanna Fournier and Kyle Engel

Meetings: Tuesdays at 6pm
Category: Academic
Diversifying. Recruiting. Inspiring. Volunteering. Educating. (D.R.I.V.E.)*
Org Name: Diversifying. Recruiting. Inspiring. Volunteering. Educating. (D.R.I.V.E.)
Org President: Maria Giordano
Phone: 401-874-7100
Email: uri.drive.org@gmail.com
Website: http://uridrive.weebly.com/
Description: D.R.I.V.E (Diversifying Recruiting Inspiring Volunteering Educating ) is an undergraduate student volunteer organization that works with the URI Admission Department to increase diversity at the University of Rhode Island through outreach to both in state and out-of-state underrepresented students. Our various events allow high school students to experience URI and to learn about the possibilities that come from attending college. We also work with middle school and elementary school students to introduce the idea and benefits of higher education. Together we work hard to bring a diverse range of students to the URI community.

Treasurer: Sandra Gradoia
Vice President: Daniela Herrera
Secretary: Cairo Kidd

Advisor: Caitlin Cotter
Events: Weekly Meetings: Thursdays 7pm in the MSSC room 203
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: For more information, join or follow us on social media!

Twitter: @DRIVEorg_URI

Facebook: D.R.I.V.E. Committee; https://www.facebook.com/groups/189278514541122/

Instagram: @DRIVEorg_URI
Category: Community Service & Activism
Economics Student Association*
Org Name: Economics Student Association
Org President: Andy Boardman
Phone: 401-688-8005
Email: economicsstudentsuri@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uriesa/
Description: ESA is a newly-formed student organization by and for economics majors and minors at URI! We offer members a unique opportunity to network, organize events, discuss news, and build dialog with faculty, peers and professionals.
Events: Meetings: (Biweekly) Wednesday 3:30-4:30, Chafee 801
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Lola Ojutiku
Treasurer: Nicole Palmer
Secretary: Jessica Ouellette
Social Media Chair: Gina Jouaneh

Instagram: instagram.com/uri.esa

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Academic
Electronic Music Association (EMA)*
Org Name: Electronic Music Association (EMA)
Org President: Victoria Markey
Phone: 401-533-3526
Email: ema@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/EMAofURI/
Description: We are the only electronic music club on campus and our goal is to bring our favorite type of music into the lives of students here on campus and get everyone to enjoy the non judge mental loving atmosphere we bring :) We hold events on campus leading up to our big Spring event and love that we can have our own club members DJ for their first time & have anyone that wants to learn learn! We hold DJ workshops, music sharing sessions, and sometimes meet at each other's houses for meetings!
Events: April 28th from 2-10PM we are having EMAs first ever music festival on the quad! We're having two stages of sound, food, vendors, demonstrations, art displays, interactive displays, random drawings, and more!
Location: Tuesdays 6-7PM MU Room 124
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Courtney Lyons
Treasurer: Tamara Jere
Secretary; Courtney Lyons

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Creative Outlets
Emergency Medical Services
Org Name: Emergency Medical Services
Org President: Cmdr. R. Hart
Phone: 401-874-5255
Email: uriems@etal.uri.edu
Website: http://www.uri.edu/ems
Description: We are a 24/7/365 operation providing emergency prehospital care and transport to ill and injured persons primarily at the University of Rhode Island and also in the surrounding communities. We provide a full range of services to the Kingston and Narragansett Bay Campuses and limited services upon request to the Providence and W. Alton Jones Campuses.
Location: 565 Plains Rd
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Category: Community Service & Activism
Engineering In Medicine and Biology (EMBS)
Org Name: Engineering In Medicine and Biology (EMBS)
Org President: Rachel Bellisle
Phone: 401-426-8932
Email: uri.embs@gmail.com
Website: http://egr.uri.edu/embs/
Description: URI EMBS is a professional engineering society focusing on Engineering in Medicine and Biology. This organization strives to unify engineering students, faculty, and professionals on and off campus, and help them become life-long learners. Also, this organization encourages networking to further both personal and professional opportunities.
Location: Meetings: Tuesdays 5-6pm
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Jessika Decker
Treasurer: Zach Silveira
Secretary: Rachael Amore
Fundraising Chair: Lilly Margolis

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uriembs
Engineers for a Sustainable World
Org Name: Engineers for a Sustainable World
Org President: Peter Girard
Phone: 401-527-8611
Email: esw.uri@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/uri.esw/
Description: The URI Chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World focuses on providing sustainable solutions to both global and local engineering problems. We provide assistance to developing communities while simultaneously giving students valuable, hands-on, real world experience, and also integrate sustainable practices into our local community.
Events: Treasurer: Tim Legg
Vice President: Dylan Kennedy
Secretary: George Badlissi
Fundraising Chair: Pat McNally
Events Coordinator: Bryan Evans
International Relations Coordinator: Ellie Dunkle
Outreach Chair: Emily Day
Location: Tuesdays at 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Bliss Hall Basement
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
ENRESA Environment and Natural Resource Economics Student Association
Org Name: ENRESA Environment and Natural Resource Economics Student Association
Org President: Alexa Bracken
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: ENREassociation@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/URIENREassociation/
Description: The Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Student
Association (ENRESA) is a community of students who work together to understand and impact current issues in the field through educational and hands-on activities. The vision for this organization is to cultivate a strong and vibrant community of students passionate about environmental and natural resource economics. ENRESA is open to all URI students.
Location: Coastal Institute Building: 201
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Sam Montella
Social Media - Emilie Spinner
Category: Academic
Environmental Conservation Club
Org Name: Environmental Conservation Club
Org President: Alaina Dawson
Phone: 401-256-2287
Email: uriecc@yahoo.com
Website: http://conserveuri.webs.com
Description: The URI Environmental Conservation Club aims to engage students interested in learning about and raising awareness for environmental conservation. Our main goal is to bring new opinions on conservation into meetings and to fundraise for well-established conservation organizations in Rhode Island. Students from any major are welcome and all ideas are encouraged! Objectives, goals, and upcoming events can all be found on our website listed above. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Meetings: Fall 2014- TBD (Please check website for updates)
Category: Community Service & Activism
Ether(bound) Magazine*
Org Name: Ether(bound) Magazine
Org President: Zoe Comingore
Phone: 207-312-1884
Email: etherboundmag@gmail.com
Website: https://www.etherboundmag.com/
Description: Ether(bound) is an online arts magazine founded by undergraduates at the University of Rhode Island. Our mission is to provide a venue for any and all forms of artistic expression. In addition to our magazine publication, Ether(bound) wishes to build a community of art by hosting a semesterly reading series. Any undergraduate is welcome to join the editorial board. We happily accept work from any URI undergraduate or graduate student.
Events: For upcoming events, news, and submission guidelines, visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/etherbound/
Location: Thursdays 5:00 Roosevelt 318 Writing Production Lab
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Abby Clarkin
Secretary: Sirena Cordova
Treasurer: Gabby Chase
Other Execs: https://www.etherboundmag.com/about

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/etherbound/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/etherboundmag
Category: Just For Fun
Exercise Is Medicine On Campus (URI EIM-OC)      Grad Org    
Org Name: Exercise Is Medicine On Campus (URI EIM-OC)
Org President: Kathleen Bicknell
Phone: 203-415-9128
Email: eim.oc.uri@gmail.com
Description: All Majors Welcome!
The URI Exercise is Medicine Club is aimed at promoting health and wellness on campus for students, staff and faculty. Our goal is to encourage health care providers to include exercise in their treatment plans for patients. We will collaborate with health services, campus recreation, and other health clubs on campus to host events promoting and educating the URI community about the benefits of exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. We hope to improve the overall health and wellness of the URI community.

Treasurer: Madison Bowman
Vice President: Lindsay Hiebert
Secretary: Remy Chase

Events Coordinator: Michelle Sciancalepore
Social Media: Alexa Gama
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: No
Category: Academic
Org Name: eXposure
Org President: Yuri Goncalves
Phone: 401-545-4971
Email: eXposure@rhodysenate.org
Description: eXposure is a multicultural dance organization whose goal is to spread knowledge of various cultures through dance. Our aspiration is to help bring awareness of diversity throughout our college campus and throughout other communities. eXposure wants to give back to the community by creating fundraisers, attending community projects and perform at local events to eXposure them to the different forms of dances there are around the world. eXposure is a family and as a family we want to bring people together and share the experience of dance that we have grown to love.
Location: Memorial Union Basement Key 16
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Monday and Wednesday in the Memorial Union.

Vice President: Suemy Moreira
Treasurer: Danna Kimmelman
Public Relations: Ti-ajia Cloud
Music Liaison: Nathaniel Sandoval
Choreographer: Joy Norris

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/143828164782/
Twitter: @eXposure_uri

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Creative Outlets
Family Reach*
Org Name: Family Reach
Org President: Amanda Cohen
Phone: 781-801-2745
Email: familyreach@rhodysenate.org
Website: http://familyreach.org/
Description: Family Reach is a nonprofit that helps families affected by the financial burden that often accompanies pediatric cancer. Family Reach helps families pay for everyday living expenses such as gas, rent, grocery bills, car payments, utilities, etc while their child is in treatment. Our goal is to make sure that nobody has to make the choice between feeding their families or providing life saving treatment for their child. Family Reach club here at URI will be holding fundraising activities in order to help support those families through the Family Reach Foundation.
Events: Vice President: Patrycja Zarzecka
Treasurer: Meghan Lurvey
Secretary: Kelly Lavoie
Fundraising Chair: Courtney Ward
Recruitment Chair: Erin McCafferty
Historian: Eva Reardon
Marketing Chair: Lauren Cicero
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Community Service & Activism
Fashion Blogging Club*
Org Name: Fashion Blogging Club
Org President: Courtney Buntin
Phone: 203-598-9290
Email: urifashionblogginclub@gmail.co
Website: http://www.rhodyrunway.com/
Description: Rhody Runway is a fashion and lifestyle blog produced by the fashion blogging club at the University of Rhode Island. The mission of Rhody Runway is to inspire students through our blog and also offering a platform in which students are able to connect within the URI community.

Rhody Runway features content that relates to fashion, beauty, health, alumni updates and college life at URI.

Rhody Runway allows members to gain valuable fashion-related experience in a variety of fields including: advertising and marketing, blog writing, editing, social media and PR.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Monthly Meetings

Vice President: Kristina DiMaria
Treasurer: Erica Thalmann
Secretary: Christina Adamo
Category: Just For Fun
Fashion Merchandising Society (FMS)*
Org Name: Fashion Merchandising Society (FMS)
Org President: Yaheysi Leon-Lopez
Phone: 732-284-0481
Email: fms@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/URI-Fashion-Merchandising-Society/148002068576503?fref=ts
Description: The Fashion Merchandising Society is a club that meets weekly with students that share a common interest in fashion. Not only do we discuss current issues in the fashion industry, but we also put on a student run fashion show yearly to show off the work of our members. If you have an interest in fashion, Textiles major or not, come out to our meetings and see what we are all about!

Follow us on Instagram!: @uri_fms
Events: Meetings for Spring 2017: Thursday's at 6PM - 7PM in Room 318 of the Memorial Union
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Advisor: Treasurer: Kaylan Burns
Event Coordinator: Kaleigh Grier
PR Director: Judy Kim
Category: Creative Outlets
Fishing Club*
Org Name: Fishing Club
Org President: Zachary Oliveira
Phone: 508-542-2648
Email: fishingclub@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1386357158292135/1413638008897383/?notif_t=group_comment
Description: Fishing is a great activity, it gets people outside, which is becoming less prevalent in the college environment. It can also bring people together to share a common goal, ours would be to catch fish and enjoy the outdoors. We get together to discuss fishing techniques and recent catches, we also organize groups trips so everyone has an opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Mon 5:30 in MU 330
Category: Just For Fun
Fitness Club*
Org Name: Fitness Club
Org President: Kaighen Finley
Phone: 585-739-0245
Email: urifitnessclub@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urifitnessclub/
Description: If you're looking for a fun and active club with tons of events then look no further! From organizing casual athletic events on campus to learning the basics of health and wellness we have got you covered! Looking for a workout buddy? Want to improve your strength or physique? Want to live a happier, healthier, and fuller life? We've got you covered on all bases!
Events: Meetings: Thurs @ 2:22pm in Memorial Union

Join here to participate in our upcoming Manhunt Madness event! https://www.facebook.com/events/505306596272196/?ref=4
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Just For Fun
For the Future Organization*
Org Name: For the Future Organization
Org President: Benjamin Ndayishimiye
Phone: 401-837-4301
Email: forthefuture@rhodysenate.org
Description: Treasurer: Brandon Markiewicz
Vice President: Pascaline Uwase
Secretary: Fatima Dewan
Founder: Benjamin Ndayishimiye
Hospitality Chairman: Jeanmarie Nsengiyumva

Facebook: URI For The Future Organization
Twitter: Uri_forthefuture
Events: Every 13th of every year, For the Future Organization holds its own memorial ceremony to honor the victims of The Rwanda Genocide with the intent to broaden studentsÃ'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚¢Ã'¢â€...¡Ã‚¬Ã'¯Â¿Â½Ã'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚¢ knowledge and understanding about the societal impacts of genocide. The ceremony consist of a candle lighting and moment of silence before our guests speakers Following the presentation, we normally shows the movie Ã'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚¢Ã'¢â€...¡Ã‚¬Ã'¯Â¿Â½"Hotel RwandaÃ'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚¢Ã'¢â€...¡Ã‚¬Ã'¯Â¿Â¾, a movie about a hotel manager who provides shelter to refugees during the genocide. At that time, Our special speakers sells and autographs their books as well as taking any individual questions.
Location: Every Tuesdays at 7:00 PM Memorial Union Room 308
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: For the Future is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to helping orphans and poor children in Africa. For the Future aims to provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth so they can build a better future for themselves and their communities.
The criteria for selecting the child is that he or she must be enrolled in primary or secondary school and exhibit financial need. It is well understood that children from poor and uneducated families are more likely to grow up to be poor and uneducated adults. Children from poor families are unlikely to enroll in school and complete their education due to the costs associated with buying books, backpacks, writing utensils, uniforms, and paying tuition. This cost becomes exorbitant for families with several children.
Our mission is to transform the lives of African orphans and poor children from primary school through college. We provide immediate needs while offering access to the best education possible. We believe every child deserves the opportunity to attend school and are convinced that education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty.
Category: Community Service & Activism
Gaming Club*
Org Name: Gaming Club
Org President: Abed Alsasa
Phone: 401-647-6685
Email: gaming@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/181853621933769
Description: The Gaming Club provides an open environment for students to socialize and play games with each other.
Events: Every Friday the Gaming Club hosts a fighting game tournament, usually Super Smash Bros. Drop by our office or visit our Facebook for information on other upcoming events.

Meetings: 9AM - 5PM Monday through Friday (stop by our office anytime! we're often open Saturday and Sunday nights)
Location: Memorial Union 312A
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Treasurer: Patrick Feeney
Secretary: Jacob Turner

Last Updated May 2018
Category: Just For Fun
Geology Club
Org Name: Geology Club
Org President: Jordanne Feldman
Phone: 315-368-3162
Email: urigeoclub@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urigeology
Description: The URI Geology Club provides an outlet for students with an interest in the geosciences to come together for events and activities that focus on the earth and the processes that shape it. We benefit the community by hosting field trips and monthly movie nights that spark discussion on subjects related to geology.
Location: Woodward 327
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: David Kozlowski
Treasurer: Savannah Harik
Secretary: Nicole Insolia
Advisor: Faculty Advisor: Dr. Beth Laliberte
Category: Just For Fun
Graduate Student Association*      Grad Org    
Org Name: Graduate Student Association
Org President: Oleg Kazakov
Phone: 401-874-2056
Email: gsaofuri@gmail.com
Website: https://web.uri.edu/gsa/
Description: The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a government body maintained by and for the graduate students of the University with the purpose of enhancing the academic, intellectual, and social opportunities of its members. Officers and members of the GSA Senate, who are elected annually from the entire graduate student body, distribute GSA funds to graduate students and other qualifying groups, organize social events, and serve as graduate student representatives on University-wide committees.

Any graduate student may be a senator or officer, and all are welcome to become involved and attend senate meetings!
Events: Meetings: Every 3rd week Wednesday noon in Room 300 (Memorial Union)
Location: Memorial Union Room number 128 A
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/urigsa/

Vice President: Caroline Roth
Treasurer: Jacquie Brito
Secretary: Partha Datta
Past President: Lindsay McLennan
Webmaster: Jinal Pothupitiya
GAU Liasion: Nick Constant

Last Updated March 2018
Category: Academic
Habitat for Humanity*
Org Name: Habitat for Humanity
Org President: Kylee Harris, Zachary Torres
Phone: 401-256-8211
Email: urihabitat@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/urihabitat
Description: Habitat for Humanity seeks to eliminate poverty housing from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. We are the University of Rhode Island campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity. URI's chapter involves any students and staff who are interested in volunteering. Along with building, our chapter is involved with many on-campus events such as First Night and Homecoming Weekend where we reach out to the University and share what Habitat for Humanity is all about. We also take part in fundraisers, such as the first ever Habitat Corn hole Board Auction hosted by South County Habitat for Humanity and our own Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Also next year we are planning multiple other events/ fundraisers that you won't want to miss!! There are many ways to volunteer, from building to cleaning and helping sales at the Habitat ReStore, where all proceeds go to SCHH's efforts. No previous experience is needed, and anyone can join at any time.
Location: Office Located: MU RM 316
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Tuesdays starting 9/11/18 @ 6:00pm (September-October Room 124 in Pastore, after October Atrium 2 in Memorial Union)

Co-Presidents: Kylee Harris, Zach Torres
Vice-President: Kelly Gin
Treasurer: Hal Jones
Secretary: Nicole Ware
Build Coordinator: James Masse
Outreach Chair: Taylor Kammerman

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urihabitat
Twitter: @URIHabitat

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
Hellenic Student Association of PAIDEIA at URI*
Org Name: Hellenic Student Association of PAIDEIA at URI
Org President: Dimos Katsaros
Phone: 508-649-1222
Email: paideiaURI@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/208809155927588/
Description: Our purpose is to enhance Hellenic Language and Culture throughout the entire URI campus hosting events such as dinner-dances, mini-concerts, etc.
Location: Tuesdays 5pm Swan 211
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Stephanie Katartzis
Treasurer: Anna Mortali
Secretary: Andrew Vose
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Hillel: The Jewish Student Organization*
Org Name: Hillel: The Jewish Student Organization
Org President: Max Zavell
Phone: 401-874-2740
Email: hillel@urihillel.org
Website: http://uri.hillel.org
Description: Hillel is the Jewish Student Center at the University of Rhode Island. Our building is located at 6 Fraternity Circle but our activities take place throughout campus and in the community. Hillel creates a warm and caring atmosphere where students are encouraged and empowered to explore Judaism in ways that are meaningful to them. We offer a full array of social, cultural, religious, community service and Israel related programming, as well as leadership development opportunities. There is something for everyone at Hillel.
Events: Meetings: Mondays at 5:00 pm

Shabbat Services every other Friday! Make sure to check URI Hillel on Facebook for more information!

Friend Rhody Hillel: https://www.facebook.com/rhodyhillel
Location: Norman F. Fain Hillel Center (6 Fraternity Circle)
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HillelURI
Friend Rhody Hillel: http://www.facebook.com/rhodyhillel
Twitter: @RhodyHillel

Vice President: Shayna Sawyer
Treasurer: Kayla Shamayev
Vice President of Social Programming: Jana Spiegal
Vice President of Cultural and Educational Programming: Sarah Margolin

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Honduras Supporters*
Org Name: Honduras Supporters
Org President: Jonathan DiLuglio
Phone: 401-413-0583
Email: honduras.supporters@aol.com
Description: Treasurer: Jacob Reilly
Vice President: Austin Barkley
Secretary: Ryan Smith
Location: Tuesday/Thursday 7:00pm
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Focused on helping those in need in Honduras. Currently working on organizing a trip to Honduras for spring break of 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
Humans Vs Zombies (HvZ) Organization*
Org Name: Humans Vs Zombies (HvZ) Organization
Org President: Allison Redington
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: urihvz@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hvzsource.com/urihvz
Description: Humans versus Zombies is a campus wide game of extreme tag. Humans armed with Nerf blasters and socks defend themselves from zombies who try to tag them turning them into zombies. The game lasts for about a week and you are in play anytime you are outside. If you want to know more come to one of our meetings, join our facebook, or during any round talk to anyone wearing a blue bandana on their right arm.
Events: Fall 2017 Rounds
Nov 10-17th

To register for a round all you need to do is register on the source site(listed as our website above) sign a waiver(talk to any of our staff about this or come to a meeting) and get your complementary bandana
Location: Memorial Union Room Office 131
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Tuesday's at 7pm in Room 360

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/urihvz
Category: Just For Fun
Indian Student Association      Grad Org    
Org Name: Indian Student Association
Org President: Suvrajyoti Kar
Phone: 401-441-9560
Email: kar.suvraj@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/206287469381980/
Description: We are a non-profit student organization recognized by the University of Rhode Island. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for Indian students to interact and share the joy of our culture and rich heritage.
URI - ISA serves to promote the awareness of cultural diversity on campus by organizing cultural and social events on campus. We try to ensure a homely atmosphere for Indian students living away from home and unite Indians and people of other races by celebrating and learning from diversity.
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: No
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/206287469381980/
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Interfraternity Council*
Org Name: Interfraternity Council
Org President: JT Oldham
Phone: 813-486-8149
Email: president.ifc.ri@gmail.com
Website: http://web.uri.edu/greek/fraternities/
Description: The purpose of this non-profit organization shall be to promote cooperation among fraternities, to formulate rules and procedures for recruitment and new member education, to regulate interfraternal activities, and to insure cooperation between fraternities and other student organizations and the University administration. Our Mission We, the Interfraternity Council, know that the social fraternities of the University of Rhode Island are an integral part of the University. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the fraternities to cooperate with each other and the University Administration in the promotion of intellectual, social, and moral development of our undergraduate student members. As an instrument to further these ends and to maintain a bond of friendship among the fraternities of the University of Rhode Island we have created this mission. Our Members are from 14 men's fraternities that make up the Interfraternity Council are: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Delta Chi, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Psi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Pi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Chi, and Zeta Beta Tau.
Location: Christopher House - 34 Lower College Rd
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Monday at 6 PM in Student Senate Chambers

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/URI-Greek-Life/165332620215426
Twitter: https://twitter.com/URIGreekLife

Vice President - Anthony Rampone
Parliamentarian - Jimmy Dunwoody
Treasurer - James Bernard
Secretary - Ben Ratier

Director of Programming & Philanthropy - Noah Williams
Director of Recruitment & New Member Development - Trent Anderson
Director of Service & Involvement - Austin Shission
Director of Public Relations - Aiden Keene
Director of Academic Affairs - Scott Barlow
Director of Risk Management & Safety - Matt Santos
Director of Alumni Archives & Campus Outreach - Adam Reinstein
Advisor: Stephen J. Simo
Category: Leadership
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship*
Org Name: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Org President: Amelia Crosley
Phone: 203-726-0026
Email: intervarsity.uri@gmail.com
Website: http://www.intervarsityuri.org
Description: We are place on campus where students like to be, even if they don't like God. We create spaces to experience God, reach the campus and change the world.
Events: Meetings: Wednesdays 7:30pm Hardge Forum
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Shawn Beil
Treasurer: Melissa Alvarez
Secretary: Catherine Mendez

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Kappa Delta Phi: International Honors Society in Education      Grad Org    
Org Name: Kappa Delta Phi: International Honors Society in Education
Org President: Cassandra Marques-Leach
Phone: 401-874-2426
Email: kdp.iotasigma.uri@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KDPI.URI/
Description: Kappa Delta Pi advances quality education by inspiring teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges.

What KDP has to offer:
->Become a Mentor
->Network w/ like minded professional & students
->Socials & Monthly Events
->National Education Conferences
->MANY Leadership Opportunities
->Scholarships & Grants Offered
->Scholarships & Grants Offered
Events: Meetings Fall 2017: Tusedays 6:30pm (Pastore 201)

Instagram: @KDP_URI
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Alexis Lavallee
Treasurer: Amanda Keefe
Secretary: Lizzie Olmsted & Danielle Stalnaker

Colleen Bouquot- Foundation Representative/ Fundraising Chair
Amanda Keenan- Literacy Alive Coordinator
Molly O'Keefe- Historian/ Communication Chair
Melanie Mertens- Membership Chair
Category: Academic
Kappa Kappa Psi - National Honorary Band Fraternity
Org Name: Kappa Kappa Psi - National Honorary Band Fraternity
Org President: Jacob Wilson
Phone: 401-525-0450
Email: gorhody99@my.uri.edu
Website: http://kkpsithetaupsilon.webs.com/
Description: Kappa Kappa Psi is a fraternal organization that promotes the advancement of college and university bands through dedicated service and support to bands; comprehensive education; leadership opportunities; and recognition; for the benefit of its members and society.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Category: Academic
Kingston Fire Department (URI)*      Grad Org    
Org Name: Kingston Fire Department (URI)
Org President: Chief Nathan Barrington
Phone: 401-783-6830
Email: Cdegrave@kingstonfire.net
Description: Thanks for your interest in the Kingston Volunteer Fire Department! We are excited to show you what we do as the "Defenders of the Hill". We are an all-volunteer, full service fire station that supports the University of Rhode Island campus and the surrounding village of Kingston. This one square mile is home to almost 20,000 people during the school year. KFD provides world class fire protection and emergency medical response to these folks 24/7/365. Unlike most volunteer fire departments, KFD is also home to 12 resident firefighters, whom after probation moved into the fire house. These students and/or young professionals enjoy living rent free in return for maintaining "on-call" coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. Additionally, current URI students can obtain up to 15 credits for their completion of probationary training as well as receive internship credit for other department projects.

Along with the resident firefighters, members of KFD are students, URI staff, and town residents, all of whom attend weekly training and have the privilege of calling themselves a Kingston Firefighter. Residents and members have gone on to paid fire departments, police departments, state and federal jobs, military and corporations around the globe. The training, leadership and experience provided at KFD can help you achieve any goal.

We realize that there is an assortment of available activities offered at the University of Rhode Island and surrounding community however we are glad you are considering becoming a volunteer with our fire department. Whether you are already a volunteer elsewhere, want to be a career firefighter, or are just getting started, we look forward to working with you soon.
We ask that you bring; an open-mind, commitment, determination and drive along with you during your journey at Kingston.

For the next step, come to the firehouse to fill out an application and take a station tour (if you have not done so already). Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you soon. If you see us around campus say hello, offer a wave and it just may be you waving to a new prospective volunteer before you know it.

For more information visit us at: http://www.kingstonfire.net.
Events: Please visit our website and Facebook page for updates on volunteer opportunities, training and department events!
Location: 35 Bills Road, Kingston RI 02881 (Behind URI Fine Arts Building)
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Wednesday (7-9pm) & Sunday (9-12pm)

Website: http://www.kingstonfire.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingstonFireRI/
Category: Community Service & Activism
Korean Students Association*
Org Name: Korean Students Association
Org President: Min Su Ro
Phone: 401-239-9581
Email: ksa@rhodysenate.org
Website: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/uriksa/
Description: URI's Korean Student Association is a Korean interest group that serves as a voice for the Korean community at URI. Our goal is to provide opportunities for Korean undergraduate students to share their common ethnic and cultural background and to promote the spread of Korean cultures across the Kingston campus.

As a cultural and social organization, URI KSA will be committed to sharing the Korean heritage, promoting awareness about Korean-American issues, reaching out to the community, and hosting events through which students may meet and interact.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Every other Thursday at 6:30PM

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/uriksa/

Treasurer: Daisy Kim
Vice President: Hong Seok Jang
Secretary: Yelim Kim

Last Updated: April 2018
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Inc.
Org Name: La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Inc.
Org President: Xavier Perez
Phone: 401-499-8476
Email: Xavierrsp@gmail.com
Website: http://Launidadlatina.org
Description: La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated primarily seeks to take a leadership role in meeting the needs of the Latino community through academic achievement, cultural awareness, community service and promotion of the Latino culture and people.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Facebook: Facebook.com/URI.LUL
Twitter: twitter.com/LUL_MuChapter
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Lambda Kappa Sigma
Org Name: Lambda Kappa Sigma
Org President: Allison Zuern
Phone: 315-857-7751
Email: azuern@my.uri.edu
Website: http://www.uri.edu/student_organizations/lks
Description: Lambda Kappa Sigma is an international professional fraternity for women in pharmacy (PharmD). The organization works to advance the profession of pharmacy itself as well as advance women in the field of pharmacy through various academic, professional, leadership, sisterhood, and community service events. Any year student (freshman-P4) is eligible to participate in the recruitment/orientation process as long as they are accepted into the 0-6 PharmD program at URI. The URI chapter of LKS has over 190 active members on campus.
Location: Pharmacy Building Student Org Room #180
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Meetings: Mondays at 6pm in Pharmacy Building #170

Twitter: @lambslovexi

Websites: http://www.uri.edu/student_organizations/lks/
Latin American Student Association (LASA)*
Org Name: Latin American Student Association (LASA)
Org President: Brianna Vega
Phone: 401-573-3931
Email: urilasa@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/lasa.pride
Description: Purpose: LASA is a multicultural organization dedicated to increasing Latin American cultural awareness throughout the university.It is LASAs' commitment to educate our members as well as the university about Latin American culture, heritage, customs, and roots.

Mission Statement: LASA strives to educate and promote diversity throughout the URI community in regards to Latin America and different Latin American countries. We are dedicated to voicing issues of the Latin community within campus as well as with the Latin community at large. LASA accepts anyone as a member. You DO NOT have to be of Latin-American,Latino/Hispanic decent to join. We encourage people of all cultural background, race, age and sex to join us and build lasting friendships while planning, preparing and enjoying the events.
Events: LASA Week: October 10th- October 15th 2016
Location: Memorial Union Room 306
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Public Relations: Emely Baez
Public Relations Co-Chair: Natalyz Quezada
Liaison: Anthony Rodriguez
Community Service: Anfernee Vasquez

Meetings: Wednesdays at 7:00pm, Memorial Union 306

Twitter: https://twitter.com/URI_LASA

Last Updated: August 2016
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
LBTQ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Queer & Questioning) Women's Group
Org Name: LBTQ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Queer & Questioning) Women's Group
Org President: Holly Nichols, Staff Advisor
Phone: 401-874-2288
Email: hjnichols@uri.edu
Description: The LBTQ Women Group is made up of students from a variety of backgrounds who come together to support each other in a safe, comfortable environment. The Group is fun, flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of its members. We are open and welcoming to new members throughout the academic year!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Meetings: Thursdays @ 5PM, 223 Roosevelt Hall (enter through back of building)

Website: http://www.uri.edu/lbtqwomensgroup
Category: Leadership
League of Legends Club*
Org Name: League of Legends Club
Org President: Jason Andrade
Phone: 401-862-0412
Email: leagueoflegends.uri@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/348779875485789/
Description: A club that brings together players who play league of legends. Events include, LAN parties, in-house events, LCS viewing parties as well as general meetings. We also have a collegiate team that faces other universities and colleges.

Treasurer: Wade Barbera
Vice President: Jack Jenkes
Secretary: Linus Lay
Events: Meetings every other Tuesday
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Just For Fun
Marine Science Society*
Org Name: Marine Science Society
Org President: Emma Ferante
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: see_below@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/135251979876630/
Description: We are a fellowship of budding scientists and students interested in marine life, the ocean, conservation, etc. This group is both professional and social, as we do activities to enrich and further our education while building relationships with our fellow students. We often go on trips to aquariums, into the field, and to local marine-related places.
Events: Meetings: Tuesdays at 7 PM
Location: CBLS, Room 252
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: E-mail: rhodymarinesciencesociety@gmail.com
Instagram: uri_marinesciencesociety

Vice President: Samantha Ward
Treasurer: Max Zavell
Secretary: Erin Tully
Special Events Coordinator: Anna Byczynski
Social Media: Emily Young

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Academic
Memorial Union Board*
Org Name: Memorial Union Board
Org President: Vina Saengdara
Phone: 401-874-5297
Email: muboard@rhodysenate.org
Description: The Memorial Union Board of Directors is a student-run organization that fosters student opinion concerning matters in the Memorial Union and positive student group interaction. Through collaboration with student organizations and monthly events for students in the union, we serve as a liaison between URI staff and students. Members of the board vote on building variances and ongoing changes to the building. We look for hard-working, dedicated students who are looking to become student leaders and willing to voice and stand for student opinion.
Location: Memorial Union Room 204
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Wednesdays at 4pm in room 301
Advisor: Bruce Hamilton
Michael Nolfe
Category: Leadership
Multicultural Unity and Student Involvement Council (MUSIC)*
Org Name: Multicultural Unity and Student Involvement Council (MUSIC)
Org President: Zulmy Cortez
Phone: 401-580-7572
Email: multiculturalusic@gmail.com
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Musically Inclined*
Org Name: Musically Inclined
Org President: Rachael Amore
Phone: 401-524-0198
Email: musicallyinclined@rhodysenate.
Website: https://musicallyinclined1.wixsite.com/acappella
Description: A URI A Capella group! In addition to singing, we do Music Management for event planning, Choreography for those who like to dance, and Music to learn to read and write music! Everyone is welcome at rehearsals, come on by!

Vice President: Lily Feenan
Treasurer: Michael Hitchiner
Secretary: Melody Almeida
Music Managers: Chris Alves and Emily Baranowski
Music Directors- Michael Hitchiner and James Tuttle
Choreographers- Ethan Cote and Emma McDonald
Events: We have our end of semester concert in Edwards Hall AUD on December 1st; doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7!
Location: Monday/Wednesday from 7-9 in Fine Arts E205
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Creative Outlets
Muslim Students Association*
Org Name: Muslim Students Association
Org President: Mishal Siddiqui
Phone: 401-391-2861
Email: msa@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/UniRIMSA
Description: The Muslim Students Association continues to serve Muslim students during their college and university careers through efforts to establish, maintain, and develop a uniting forum for Muslim students from diverse backgrounds.
Events: 6th Annual Eid Banquet- 10/7/16

Meetings: Tuesdays at 7:00 PM in the Memorial Union
Location: Memorial Union Room 346
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Rojeen Sindi
Treasurer: Anas Syed
Secretary: Minhah Ghouri
Social Chair: Shafia Islam
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Org Name: NAACP
Org President: Lorriane Guerra
Phone: 401-241-1013
Email: naacpuribranch@gmail.com
Website: http://naacpprov.org/
Description: The mission of the NAACP Providence Branch URI chapter shall be to inform students of the problems affecting African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities; to advance the economic, education, social and political states of African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities and their harmonious cooperation with other peoples; to stimulate an appreciation of the African Diaspora and other people of colors' contribution to civilization; and to develop an intelligent militant effective leadership.

The NAACP Providence Branch URI Chapter seeks to cultivate students who have the intense desire to advocate for the freedom of others and is committed to building a beloved community.
Events: Empowerment conference.

Meetings: Every Thursday in MU Room 318, and sometimes in the Senate Chambers (Rm 300)
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Jaimy Escobedo
Treasurer: Adrian Batista
Secretary: Blessing Oyedokun
2nd Secretary: Jasmine Batista
Community chair: Ameenat Olalekan
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)*
Org Name: NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
Org President: LJ Wunschel
Phone: 401-365-9418
Email: nami@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/URIMentalHealthClub/
Description: NAMI on Campus URI promotes solidarity and advocacy among students who feel affected, to any extent, by mental difficulties or differences. We provide a casual space for students to discuss our experiences with mental health. We welcome all URI students, whether patient or ally, undergraduate or graduate, in or out of treatment.
Location: Tuesdays, 6pm, Memorial Union 354
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Jordan Scott
Treasurer: Tatyana Ventura
Secretary: Brooke Taylor
Category: Community Service & Activism
National Association of Black Accountants
Org Name: National Association of Black Accountants
Org President: Ogo Igwe
Phone: 401-617-2715
Email: naba.uri@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/nabauri/
Description: NABA is a diverse business organizations with a vision of a future where there are unlimited opportunities for growth and leadership for minorities and all people in the accounting and finance professions. As a nonprofit membership association, the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc., (NABA) is dedicated to bridging the opportunity gap for accounting and finance professionals by providing leadership and technical training, as well as networking and career opportunities. We provide workshops to builds skills in creating resumes, networking with professionals, attend business conferences, participate in a case studies and mock interviews. With connections to PwC, EY, KMPG, JP Morgan and Blum Shapiro. Our URI chapter is the perfect business organization to join! Send us an email if you are interested.
Events: NABA's motto is "Lifting as we Climb," which is embodied in its official logo depicting two interlocked hands, with one pulling the other up. The image denotes both the political struggle the organization faced at its founding and the goal of helping future generations of accounting professionals. The organization came into existence during a period of time in which blacks and other minorities faced obstacles in being recognized and being promoted in the profession. It became a vehicle through which minority professionals could be assisted as they climbed the corporate ladder, obtained the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation, and prepared for partnership in top firms. Moreover, the organization's operating model encourages veteran professionals to incubate and mentor students entering the profession.
Location: Every other Tuesday at 5-6 pm in Ballentine
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Janikka Acosta
Treasurer: Samantha Aguiar
Secretary: Mariel Garcia
Public Relations/Marketing: Carmelina Sanchez
Category: Academic
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Org Name: National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Org President: ThankGod Ugochukwu
Phone: 781-414-6752
Email: President.uri.nsbe@gmail.com
Website: http://egr.uri.edu/nsbe/
Description: The National Society of Black Engineers' Mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.
Events: Treasurer: Corvah Akoiwala
Vice President: Tailynn Mccarty
Secretary: Melissa Delpech

Programs Chair: Albert Kyei-Poakwa
Academic Excellence Co-Chairs: Dylan Kennedy & James Gannon
TORCH Chair: Tunde Akinkuowo
Telecommunications Co-Chairs: Tyler Gonsalves & Corvah Akoiwala
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: TBA

Join the NSBE facebook group!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NSBEURI/
Twitter: @NSBEURI
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
National Society of Collegiate Scholars*
Org Name: National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Org President: Stephanie Peramas
Phone: 804-357-8766
Email: speramas@my.uri.edu
Description: Treasurer: Sara Veera
Vice President: Haley Pittman
Secretary: Kasandra Henriques
Star Status Coordinator: Sara Veera

NSCS at University of Rhode Island is an honor society inviting high-achieving freshmen and sophomores. Members must have a GPA of 3.4 or above and rank in the top 20 percent of their class. We focus our meetings around scholarship, leadership, and service and aim to be well-rounded individuals living a balanced lifestyle. Anyone can participate in our general meetings and we invite members to sit in at our officer board meetings as well.
Events: Be on the lookout for news about the New Member Induction Ceremony, Integrity Week (February 6-10), PACE events in March, charity fundraisers, community service events, as well as our biweekly meetings!

To participate in Integrity Week please sign up at https://goo.gl/forms/lXS77kJYuZ027dn42.
Location: Every other Monday in CBLS 252 at 5:30pm
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Native American Student Organization (NASO)*
Org Name: Native American Student Organization (NASO)
Org President: Niko Freeman
Phone: 401-632-9670
Email: Keith_Freeman@my.uri.edu
Description: Our mission is to spread the awareness of the Native American culture through out the campus life by the celebration of life.
Events: Pow Wow - Native American Cultural Festival Saturday April 26, 2015
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Tues @ 6 in Taft Hall
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Nutrition Club*
Org Name: Nutrition Club
Org President: Carly Ellis
Phone: 862-201-9967
Email: urinutrition@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/160899990661970/
Description: The URI Nutrition Club is an organization that promotes a healthy lifestyle across campus. Our main focus is to popularize and advocate proper nutrition throughout the URI campus. The nutrition club plans events to support and motivate nutrition action, and works accordingly with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics standards. We also volunteer in the community, and take part in events working with the Registered Dietitians (RD) on campus. Not only is the nutrition club a place to come together and sponsor nutrition, but it is also a great way to network with people who have the same interests as yourself, so do not be shy come on by!
Location: Wednesdays at 5pm in Fogarty 150 (the Foods Lab)
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Beth Nowak
Treasurer: Colleen Donahue
Secretary: Kiley Therien
Social Media Coordinator: Jamie Burger
Event Coordinators: Jessy Primiano & Alex Mazor
Category: Academic
Operation Smile
Org Name: Operation Smile
Org President: Ellie Massa
Phone: 973-803-6865
Email: hishmehbrady@gmail.com
Description: Operation Smile is an international organization devoted to providing safe, well timed, and effective surgery to those that cannot afford it. They provide care for children born with a facial deformity known as a cleft in developing countries. While their main focus is cleft in children, other surgeries as well as general care is performed. This student club will be a derived branch of Operation Smile's Student Programs. We will host fundraising events, awareness raising events, and club meetings. This club will be one of hundreds of international student run clubs.
Events: Stay tuned for fundraisers and informational events!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Brady Hishmeh
Treasurer: Sam Lohner
Secretary: Nolan Kane
Coordinator: Jack Tomas
Category: Community Service & Activism
Order of Omega
Org Name: Order of Omega
Org President: Kaitlyn Sharkey
Phone: 845-825-2991
Email: URI.orderofomega@gmail.com
Website: http://www.uri.edu/greek/
Description: Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for members of Fraternity & Sorority organizations. Order of Omega recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership, involvement within their respective organization and within the Fraternity/Sorority, campus, and local community. Prospective members of URI must have above a 3.0 cumulative GPA. In spring 2014, our chapter initiated over 50 new members! To date, over 500 chapters have been chartered throughout North America, each sharing the common goal of recognizing the many outstanding student leaders at their institution.
Events: We will have informational meetings TBA throughout the Fall 2013 semester and in the Spring 2014 we will recruit and initiate URI members of the Eta Gamma chapter. There is an application and interview process for members to apply in the Spring. Once accepted there is a $70 fee that includes a pin, certificate, and initiation service/lunch.
Location: Christopher House - 34 Lower College Rd
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/URI-Greek-Life/165332620215426
Twitter: https://twitter.com/URIGreekLife
Organization of Students Learning Chinese (OSLC)      Grad Org    
Org Name: Organization of Students Learning Chinese (OSLC)
Org President: Blessing Oyedokun
Phone: 401-241-1013
Email: urioslc@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/urioslc
Description: The mission of OSLC is to help students understand the language and culture of China through cultural and language activities, dialogue, and connection to native Chinese speakers, as well as to create an opportunity for students to challenge themselves, so they can succeed as Chinese learners. Our goal is to make the student feel engaged and responsible for their own learning.
A broad and inclusive environment for Chinese learners to together better their understanding of the Chinese language and culture. The club plans to create a community of many Chinese students who will push the limits of each others' conversational skills in an effort to improve cultural and linguistic fluency. In the upcoming years we see this organization planning many events for Chinese learners to gather together on campus to partake in their common interest of speaking Chinese, as well as off campus trips to expose them to a variety of Chinese speakers and cultures. We hope to be able to help students experience the world they have opened up for themselves by learning Chinese.
Events: Fall 2018 Meetings TBD
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Zaniab
Treasurer : William Guo
Secretary: Nhi Doan

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Academic
Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)
Org Name: Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)
Org President: Stephanie Katartzis
Phone: 516-306-4315
Email: ocfuri@gmail.com
Description: The mission of OCF is connecting Orthodox college students and those interested in the Orthodox Christian faith to witness the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others, and study of the Faith.
Events: We are planning to hold a plethora of fundraisers and all sorts of events this upcoming year, so feel free to like the Facebook page and attend a meeting to meet everyone!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/URI.OCF/

VP: Dimos Katsaros
Treasurer: Julia Brockett
Secretary: Allison Dewey
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Outing Club*
Org Name: Outing Club
Org President: Matthew Wolenski
Phone: 603-819-3611
Email: outing@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urioutingclub/
Description: A member-oriented club that organizes outdoor activities URI students, both undergraduate and graduate. Activities include backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, polar plunging, etc.
Events: Meetings: Wednesdays/7:00-8:00 pm/Memorial Union 318
Location: Memorial Union 135
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urioutingclub/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/URIOutingClub

Vice President: Benjamin Domenici
Treasurer: Nick Holden
Secretary: Megan St Hilaire

Last Updated May 2018
Category: Just For Fun
Panhellenic Council*
Org Name: Panhellenic Council
Org President: Tatyana Leite
Phone: 401-699-5079
Email: uripanhel.president@gmail.com
Website: http://www.uri.edu/student_affairs/greek/panhel.html
Description: The Panhellenic Association (Panhel) is the comprehensive name of the entire women's fraternity/sorority system. Every woman who is a member of one of the 10 sororities on campus is a member of the Panhellenic Association. The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the women's fraternity/sorority system at the University of Rhode Island. The 10 women's fraternities/sororities that make up the Panhellenic Association are: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Phi, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Zeta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Kappa, Phi Sigma Sigma and Chi Omega.
Location: Christopher House 34 Lower College Road
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/URI-Greek-Life/165332620215426
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/URIGreekLife
Category: Leadership
Partners in Health ENGAGE
Org Name: Partners in Health ENGAGE
Org President: Meghan Boegler
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: PIHEngageURI@gmail.com
Description: Committed to the eradication of HIV and the movement to make healthcare a human right.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/faceaidsuri
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/faceaidsuri
Website: engage.pih.org
Category: Community Service & Activism
Peace Corps Prep Program
Org Name: Peace Corps Prep Program
Org President: Nancy Stricklin
Phone: 401-874-7113
Email: nancys@uri.edu
Website: http://web.uri.edu/peacecorpsprep/
Description: The Peace Corps Prep (PC Prep) program is designed to prepare you for international development field work, careers in international service, and Peace Corps service. As part of your undergraduate curriculum, the PC Prep program pairs selected courses with leadership and community service to help prepare you for global service work.

The program is open to all undergraduate students with any major at URI. When you graduate, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion from the Peace Corps. This means you'll have a competitive edge when applying either to be a Peace Corps volunteer, or for other international development work.
Events: Peace Corps Prep Program holds supplementary seminars for students who would like to gain more knowledge about international work! If interested in the program please email us!

Information Sessions:
9/14 from 5-6 Lippitt Hall Room 401
10/11 from 5-6 Memorial Union Room 313

9/27 from 5-6:30 Pharmacy Building Room 207
10/24 from 5-6:30 Pharmacy Building Room 207
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Category: Community Service & Activism
Persian Cultural Society
Org Name: Persian Cultural Society
Org President: Seyedeh Zahra Moafi Madani
Phone: 401-837-5448
Email: pcsofuri@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/uripersianculturalsociety/?ref=br_rs
Description: The purpose of the Persian Cultural Society is to create a platform for Iranian students, and students interested in the Iranian culture and heritage, to engage in cultural activities and events. We aim to promote diversity in the URI community by increasing awareness and understanding of the Persian Culture through cultural events, musical performances, annual picnics, and other events of the sort. PCS is a non-political non-religious organization and only seeks to promote cultural awareness and appreciation.

The URI PCS is a student run cultural organization part of the University of Rhode Island. We aim to promote the Persian culture and heritage in the URI community. PCS does not discriminate based on sex, gender, race, or religion. Think Persian, we do!
Events: Persian New Year (Norooz) 1397. March 2018.

Yalda Night 1397. December 2018
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Soroush Kouhi
Treasurer: Roohollah Jafari
Secretary: Maryam Marzban
Other Execs:
Mohammadreza Abtahi
Seyed Hadi Nasrollaholhosseini
Moein Safaei
Bahador Marzban
Fatemeh Nemati
Mehri Azizi

Updated March 2018
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Pharmaceutical Sciences Club-BSPS*
Org Name: Pharmaceutical Sciences Club-BSPS
Org President: Anthony Grecco
Phone: 203-824-3362
Email: anthony_grecco@my.uri.edu
Description: This club is designed for people in the BSPS major only. We will organize social events so all BSPS kids could get to know each other better. We also will set younger students up with tutors if they are struggling. In addition to tutoring we also have gathered some materials for classes such as study guides, review sheets, notes, and textbooks.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: We currently have monthly meetings but we are hoping to have more than one meeting per month.
Phi Beta Lambda
Org Name: Phi Beta Lambda
Org President: Eric Henry Hazen
Phone: 203-940-3162
Email: Erichenryhazen@gmail.com
Description: Phi Beta Lambda is a Professional Business Leadership Society. We are built on the beliefs that inclusivity is important. From this idea stems an organization which teaches business principles, ethics, networking and more. This organization is nationally recognized, and our faculty advisor (Joseph D'Adamo) is a highly respected professor at the university. Phi Beta Lambda is open to all U.R.I (undergraduate/ graduate) students who are on good academic standing with the university.

The purpose of PBL is to provide opportunities for postsecondary students to develop business-related career competencies. PBL is an integral part of the instructional program and in addition promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility.

The specific goals of PBL are to:
-develop competent, aggressive business leadership;
-strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work;
-create more interest in and understanding of American business enterprise;
-encourage members in the development of individual projects which contribute to the improvement of home, business and community;
-develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism;
-encourage and practice efficient money management;
-encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty;
-assist students in the establishment of occupational goals; and
-facilitate the transition from school to work.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Advisor: Joseph D'Adamo
Philonymous (Philosophy Club)*
Org Name: Philonymous (Philosophy Club)
Org President: Marc DiMartino
Phone: 401-575-2043
Email: philosophyuri@gmail.com
Description: Philonymous is under new management! We're entering an exciting time, and we are in an intermediary phase. We're open to new ideas/topics. However, we do not plan on making sweeping changes. Our goal is to accommodate our existing members while making a shift to a public venue in order to attract new faces (and minds) to the table. Further, we intend on getting faculty members of URI's PHL department to become more involved in our little group. If you have any questions, stop by during one of our meetings, we'll do our best to answer. Thanks for your patience while we are transitioning.
Events: Meetings: TBD
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Photography Club*
Org Name: Photography Club
Org President: Jacob Klinger
Phone: 321-848-8435
Email: uriphotographyclub@rhodysenate
Website: http://www.uriphotographyclub.com/
Description: The University of Rhode Island Photography Club aims to teach different photography techniques, participate in off-campus excursions, provide photographers for other student organizatons, and have a medium to share our talented community's work. We are open to all members, regardless of having a DSLR camera. We are recognized by Student Senate and funded.

Treasurer: Emille Fernando
Vice President: James Bondarevskis
Secretary: Hannah Dallas
Public Relations: Sabrina AraÃ'Æ'ºjo
Events: Mondays at 5:00pm in Swan 306
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/464148180377663/
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
Org Name: Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
Org President: Kevin Patrizio
Phone: 401-996-7929
Email: kpat93@yahoo.com
Description: Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience.

Pi Kappa Alpha will set the standard of integrity, intellect, and achievement for our members, host institutions, and the communities in which we live.

We believe in the importance of virtue and commit to living the values of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. We recognize that truth is the foundation of all lasting association, and we will seek wisdom and knowledge while serving others in modesty and dignity.
Events: "Meet the Greeks" 9/1
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/URIPIKE
Category: Leadership
Powerful, Independent, Notoriously, Knowledgeable (PINK) Women*
Org Name: Powerful, Independent, Notoriously, Knowledgeable (PINK) Women
Org President: Nikia DaSilva-Lopes
Phone: 401-225-6776
Email: PINKWomen@rhodysenate.org
Description: We strive to develop a sense of belonging and membership to increase the retention of multicultural women. We aim to promote self-exploration, professional development, and leadership opportunities which enhance the undergraduate experience of multicultural women and prepare graduates for the workforce.
Location: Thursdays at 7pm. Hardge Forum
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Natalie Timas
Treasurer: Carmelina Sanchez
Secretary: Arianna DaLuz
Sisterhood Chair: Destiny DeBarros
Community Service Chair: Allison Hernandez
Fundraising Chair: Fifi Greene
Womens Awareness Chair: Chelsea Sora
Academics Chair: Chanthavy Uk
Mentoring Chair: Destiney Palacios
Parliamentarian: Dalis Chavers
MUSIC Liaison: Raquel Ortiz
Publicist: Angell Villanova

Twitter: @PINKWomenURI
Instagram: @PinkWomenURI
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Pre-Dental Club*
Org Name: Pre-Dental Club
Org President: Jake Molgano
Phone: 860-770-8739
Email: predental@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/URIPreDentalClub/
Description: Vice President: Olivia Turner
Treasurer: Julia Cloutier
Secretary: Paige Alshon
Events: The purpose of the club is to unite all pre-dental students and work together to familiarize ourselves with the dental school admissions process. The club will provide useful information regarding the Dental Admission Test (DAT), volunteering and shadowing opportunities, required courses and more. Furthermore, the club will schedule guest lecturers, such as dentists and dental students. In the end, we hope that our members are fully prepared to apply to dental schools and ultimately are accepted.
Location: Tuesdays (Biweekly) in MU 314/308 @ 7PM
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Academic
Pre-Physical Therapy Club*      Grad Org    
Org Name: Pre-Physical Therapy Club
Org President: Jacqueline Helger
Phone: 401-524-6596
Email: jackiehelger8@my.uri.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/11362189021/
Description: Mission Statement - Acquaint students whose ambition is to pursue a career in Physical Therapy (PT) with the intent to promote networking, professional growth, and preparation for future physical therapy endeavors.
Events: Treasurer: Hannah Scanlon
Vice President: Bianca Bernardo
Secretary: Dan Chappell
Nathan Lessard, Cam Macdonald, Brandon O'Donnell
Location: 10/24, 11/14, 11/28 @ 6PM in Independence Square in the Clinical Room
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Academic
Pre-Physician Assistant Club*
Org Name: Pre-Physician Assistant Club
Org President: Derric Vigeant
Phone: 401-426-9887
Email: paclub@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://web.uri.edu/cels/highlight/uri-pre-pa-club/
Description: URI Pre-PA club’s mission is to build a solid foundation for students aspiring to hold a professional role in the health care industry as a Physician Assistant.
Events: Monthly Meetings TBA
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/uripaclub/

Vice President: Alyssa Lamond
Treasurer: Daniel Jancura
Secretary: Tiantian Gouise

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Academic
Psychology Club*
Org Name: Psychology Club
Org President: Julia Charlebois
Phone: 401-743-5920
Email: psychology@rhodysenate.org
Description: The URI Psychology Club meets once a week to discuss interesting and important psychological issues. Psychology club is a great way to meet other psychology majors, learn more about the department, and have fun! Students in any major are welcome to join!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Treasurer:
Alexa Fryc
Vice President:
Noah Green
Andrea Henninger

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/591818447610635/
Category: Academic
Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)*
Org Name: Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
Org President: Christopher Alves
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: uriprssa@etal.uri.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/URIPRSSA/
Description: The Public Relations Student Society of America is a national, student-run, pre-professional organization that aids students in the Harrington School grow through learning and networking opportunities. PRSSA is the foremost organization for students interested in public relations and communications. We are a pre-professional organization that seeks to help students with professional networking, resume building, cover letter writing, enhancing their public relations and business education outside of the classroom and more. You get exclusive opportunities to better your chances of getting your dream job after college!
Events: Meetings: Wednesdays at 5:00 PM in Room 318
Location: Memorial Union Room 312
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Clara Crawford
Treasurer: Catherine Nolty
Secretary: Molly Stevens
Social Media Coordinator: Carley Gomes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/URIPRSSA/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/URIPRSSA

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Academic
Ram Hacks*
Org Name: Ram Hacks
Org President: Antoinette Bongiorno
Phone: 401-626-1225
Email: ramhacks@etal.uri.edu
Website: http://ram-hacks.org/
Description: Ram Hacks is URI's official computer science interest group. We welcome everyone, regardless of whether you are a computer science major, to learn and talk about programming software, working with hardware, or any related topic. No prior experience is necessary or expected. If you are looking to get started, further your knowledge, or share what you already know, there is no better place!

Meetings are accompanied by free food and refreshments. Questions should be directed to contact@ram-hacks.org.
Events: Meetings: Tuesdays at 5:00pm in the Tyler Hall Grad Lounge, Rm 126

In the coming weeks, we have various things planned, such as:
Industry talks,
Programming challenges,
Resume building workshops, and
Peer presentations
Location: Tuesdays at 5:00 in Tyler Hall Room 052
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Treasurer: Daniel Gauthier
Vice President: Douglas Deslauriers
Secretary: Kaitlin Morgan
Web Development Officer: Thomas Clinton
Category: Academic
Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)*
Org Name: Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)
Org President: Nick Vayda
Phone: 908-442-0842
Email: rak.uri2012@gmail.com
Website: http://rak1234.wix.com/rhody
Description: At Random Acts of Kindness, we know that college, and life in general, can be rough. We also believe that one smile or one conversation can change the course of someone's day. Drew Dudley said that looking at the world as one big world is daunting. You have to look at it as 6 million different perspectives and if you can change just one, you can change the whole world, and not even know it. As a group and as individuals, we strive to change just one perspective, in the hopes that it will change the world.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Mondays at 5 p.m.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/159358830859365/?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/URI_RAK
Category: Leadership
Renaissance Yearbook*
Org Name: Renaissance Yearbook
Org President: Rachel DiPaolantonio
Phone: 401-874-5897
Email: yearbook@rhodysenate.org
Website: http://www.uri.edu/yearbook/
Description: Our staff is responsible for photographing and documenting all campus events! We compile our layouts and photos into one book that captures the most memorable campus activities!
Events: Meetings: Tuesdays at 7pm in Room 123
Location: Memorial Union Room 123
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Danielle Audette
Treasurer: Katelynn Branciforte
Secretary: Sydney Reich

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/URI-Renaissance-Yearbook/281629031852749
Twitter: @rhodyyearbook

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Creative Outlets
Rhetoric Society of the University or Rhode Island
Org Name: Rhetoric Society of the University or Rhode Island
Org President: Aria Mia Loberti
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: urirhetoricsociety@gmail.com
Website: https://www.instagram.com/urirhetoricsociety/
Description: Welcome to The University of Rhode Island Rhetoric Society - a student-led, community-centered organization here on campus. Our mission is to bring together students and faculty of all disciplines. We aim to engage in meaningful dialogue and develop a passionate community of intellectuals seeking to understand and better utilize the diverse, ever-present art of rhetoric.

Our twice-monthy meeting will feature a combination of seminars from experts in rhetorical disciplines; workshops for perfecting oratory and writing, on classical rhetoric, or on rhetorical theory; and book club style discussion of texts, media, or current events through a rhetorical lens.
Events: Next Event:
Thursday, November 30, 5:00-5:50 PM - Ranger 100
Special Guest Lecture by Department of Communication Studies Faculty
Location: Every other Thursday, 5:00 PM, Ranger 100
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Office location: Davis Hall

Vice President: Fiona Calberson
Treasurer: Gabby Santoro
Secretary: Chase Hoffman
Public Relations: Samantha Larivee
Chief Canine Officer: Ingrid, a Guide Dog for the Blind
Category: Academic
Rhody Ambassadors
Org Name: Rhody Ambassadors
Org President: Ian Dakers
Phone: 860-237-0720
Email: rhodyambassadors@gmail.com
Website: http://rhodyambassadors.webs.com/
Description: The Rhody Ambassadors were founded in 2001 and we are made up of enthusiastic students who show their passion for URI by assisting and representing the Undergraduate Admission Office. We are ambassadors for the university who share their experiences with future URI students and other campus visitors. Throughout the year, Rhody Ambassadors participate in all Open House and Welcome Day events, online chats with prospective URI students and parents, our Multicultural Overnight Program, and other events hosted by the Admissions Office.
Events: https://www.facebook.com/RhodyAmbassadors/
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Meetings: Wednesdays 5pm

Facebook: Rhody Ambassadors
Category: Leadership
Rhody Catholic Organization*      Grad Org    
Org Name: Rhody Catholic Organization
Org President: Timothy Legg
Phone: 401-874-2324
Email: rhodycatholic@gmail.com
Website: http://rhodycatholic.com/
Description: RCO is a grouping of programs, activities and leadership teams that was once known as the Newman Club. Our weekly RCO night, "Rhody Catholic Event," is held every Wednesday at 6pm and Student Mass at 8PM on Sunday's.

We are a community of believers who seek holiness together in the community of the Catholic Church. Open to all students, faculty, staff and friends of the University of Rhode Island, we strive to empower disciples to become apostles of the Good News through worship, catechesis, charitable works, and Christ-centered community. All are welcome to join us!
Location: URI Catholic Center, 90 Chapel Way - Kingston, RI 02881
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Wednesday's 6:00PM @ URI Catholic Center

Vice President: Carolyn Cote
Treasurer: Megan Eaton
Secretary: Katie Mossbarger
Other Exec:
Katie Shattuck
Makayla Goulet
Max Fullmer
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Rhody Christian Fellowship*
Org Name: Rhody Christian Fellowship
Org President: Lauren Miller
Phone: 401-533-0014
Email: info@rhodyfellowship.com
Website: http://www.rhodyfellowship.com/
Description: The mission of RCF is simply to know and follow Jesus. All students (regardless of religious affiliation) are welcome to join us for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. For the most up-to-date information on meeting place and times, please visit rhodyfellowship.com or follow us on Twitter @RhodyFellowship.

Some of the activities and events that we have are:
- Weekly in-depth study through a book of the Bible
- Monthly home-cooked meal
- Weekly discipleship
- Conferences & retreats
- Monthly prayer & worship gathering
- Service & missions opportunities
Location: Wednesdays at 4(multicultural center 203) and 7:30(union)
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: facebook.com/rhodyfellowship
Twitter: @rhodyfellowship

Treasurer: Kirsten Schaffer

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Rhody Rhapsodies*
Org Name: Rhody Rhapsodies
Org President: Kristen Lemieux
Phone: 860-501-1646
Email: rhodyrhapsodyuri@gmail.com
Website: http://rhodyrhapsodyuri.wix.com/acappella
Description: We are an auditioned, student-led a cappella choir on the Kingston campus of URI. We perform our songs for the community, with other universities, and in semesterly concerts. We rehearse every week Monday and Wednesday from 7-9PM in the Memorial Union, singing songs from all genres! We will have various performances during the semester, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and instagram!

Email us at rhodyrhapsodyuri@gmail.com for more information!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therhodyrhapsodies
Events: Treasurer:
Ali Carlson
Vice President:
Nick Castro
Chris Parisella
Other Exec:
Musical Director: Kristen Lemieux
Assistant Musical Director: Nick Castro

Our Spring Concert will be held in the Memorial Union Ballroom on Sunday May 7th at 3PM!
Location: Mondays and Wednesdays 7:00PM-9:00PM, Mondays in Lippitt 402, Wednesdays in MSSC 203 Conference Room
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RhodyRhapsodyURI/?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhodyrhapsodies
Category: Just For Fun
Rhody Rides*
Org Name: Rhody Rides
Org President: George Donoyan
Phone: 401-207-7861
Email: rhodyrides@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RhodyRidesURI/
Description: Rhody Rides is the URI recognized auto club. This club was created to support the many students who have a passion for cars at the University of Rhode Island. We meet biweekly, dates and locations will be posted on the Facebook page. Everybody is welcome, no car needed.
Events: Treasurer: Claudia Brown
Vice President: Matt Vittori
Secretary: Mike Offord
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RhodyRidesURI/
Category: Just For Fun
Rhody Ridiculousness*
Org Name: Rhody Ridiculousness
Org President: Allison Lantagne
Phone: 603-305-8273
Email: pleaseseebelow@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://twitter.com/RhodyRidiculous
Description: EMAIL: rhodyridiculousness@rhodysenate.org
Events: Open rehearsal 4/26 @ 8PM in Atrium 2
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Christopher Alves
Treasurer: Ryan Hecht
Secretary: Sabrina Oliver

Updated March 2018
Category: Just For Fun
Running Club*
Org Name: Running Club
Org President: Leanne Trischitta
Phone: 978-602-7831
Email: running@rhodysenate.org
Description: URI Running Club... we run! We meet at various times throughout the week and explore the beautiful campus and surrounding routes. ALL are welcome no matter how fast you run!
Events: See the Facebook page "URI Running Club" for more details. Please contact our email in order to be added to the email list!
Location: Ram in front of Memorial Union
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Emily Baranowski
Treasurer: Ed Gallucci
Secretary: Rebecca Soito

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
Sailing Club*
Org Name: Sailing Club
Org President: Aaron Hertzer
Phone: 401-783-0797
Email: sailing@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2200054240/
Description: Our mission is to spread the love of sailing and being on the water. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. If you want to get out on a boat, you've come to the right place. No commitment, no costs. Just fun.

Classes for credit!!
Beginner Classes: KIN 210 (M/W or Tu/TH 3-6 PM)
Intermediate Classes: KIN 250 (M/W or Tu/TH 2-5 PM)

The Sailing Center is located on 236 Salt Pond Rd, Wakefield, RI (Right next to Two Ten Oyster Bar)
Events: We have events every week!
Sail Days Fridays at 3pm (Meet in Barlow Circle)
Location: Memorial Union 128
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Union 360 Thursdays at 7pm

Vice President: Sam Duffield
Treasurer: Danielle Cope
Secretary: Kyle Vieira

Last Updated April 2018
Advisor: Sailing Center Director:
David Livingston: dlivingston@uri.edu
Sailing Center Main Office: 401.783.0797
Category: Academic
Sankofa Christian Ministry*
Org Name: Sankofa Christian Ministry
Org President: Enoch Osamaye
Phone: 401-692-2760
Email: sankofacampusministry@gmail.co
Website: https://www.instagram.com/sankofauri/?hl=en
Description: The mission of Sankofa is to share the redemptive, good news of Jesus Christ and to be a community of believers, the expression of Christ's Love to URI students, and the URI community.

Vice President: Toyin Akinjisola
Treasurer: Jessica Rodriguez
Secretary: Shemaiah Thompson
Collin Putnam : Worship Leader
Vianka Brito : Social Events Coordinator
Chantel Ramos : Prayer Coordinator
Vanessa Quainoo : Organisation Advisor
Events: Evangelical Events
Fundraising Events
Daughter of the King
Sankofa Week
Location: Tuesdays / 8:00PM - 9:00PM / Atrium 1
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sankofa.church.1?fref=ts
Twitter: @sankofauri
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Secular URI*
Org Name: Secular URI
Org President: Haley Steigerwald
Phone: 978-790-8638
Email: urisecular@gmail.com
Website: http://www.secularuri.org
Description: We are a group of non-religious students trying to better the world through promoting the ideals of science, history, free thought, humanism and morality, in the context of a secular society.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Tuesdays at 6 in Memorial Union 314

Treasurer: Sebastian Osorio
Secretary: Alex Baran

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SecularURI

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SecularURI
Seekers Meditation Group*
Org Name: Seekers Meditation Group
Org President: Ian Matos
Phone: 401-226-8235
Email: seekers@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/358848477473686/
Description: The mission of our club is to help introduce students to the benefits of meditation in daily life. Meditation is a great way to get grounded, relax, increase focus and get your mind and body working in a healthier way. We are always looking for new members to join our weekly meetings where we get together to converse peacefully and then practice different styles of meditation. We are a non-religious organization but open to people of all beliefs and spiritual practices and love to share ideas with other open minded people. Whether your experienced in meditation or just curious, all are welcome to come share perspectives on life and relax with us!
Location: 5:30 PM every Tuesday and 4:30 PM every Wednesday.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Secretary: James Frederick

Members meet in the 24 hour room inside Robert L. Carothers Library where the location for the meditation to be held is then decided.
Category: Just For Fun
Sexuality And Gender Alliance (SAGA)*
Org Name: Sexuality And Gender Alliance (SAGA)
Org President: Skylar Nelson
Phone: 401-330-0641
Email: gsa@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/179356889453/?ref=bookmarks
Description: The purpose of this club is to spread acceptance and awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community on campus. We do so through meetings where we discuss issues, concerns, current events, different sexualities and genders, etc. We also spread this knowledge through programs and events hosted by us or cohosted with the gender and sexuality center.
Location: Gender and Sexuality Center Multipurpose Room, Thursdays from 7:00PM to 8:00PM
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Aanchal Tewari
Treasurer: Abby Adams
Secretary: Paige Courtemanche
Social Media Representative: Shannon Walthall

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Leadership
Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. (SLU)
Org Name: Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. (SLU)
Org President: Raquel Mendez
Phone: 401-347-3510
Email: slu.xichapter@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sigmalambdaupsilon.org/
Description: Mission and Vision:
SLU highly prides itself as an organization of diverse college-educated (collegiate) and professional women dedicated to uplifting traditionally marginalized groups, especially Latinos and women, by serving as a voice and means for empowerment. Since 1987, SLU has been an outlet for professional development and personal growth to its members and serving constituents. The Sorority's impact can be seen in the outstanding accomplishments of their Hermanas, the young women they have mentored through the LADYS and PEARLS programs, and through the lives of all the people the Sorority has touched via their many literacy initiatives. Thus, proving to colleges and communities that women of color can make a difference.

Sigma Lambda Upsilon has a passion for leading and developing underprivileged communities through the Sorority's goals of academic excellence, leadership, sisterhood, cultural enrichment, and service to the community and campus. It is evident that the Sorority's undergraduate and Graduate/Professional chapters challenge the status quo through programming initiatives that are both exemplary and unique. Sigma Lambda Upsilon's impenetrable bond and relentless commitment to one another transcends time, which is why the Sorority considers their sisterhood-Hermandad- lasting Hasta La Muerte!
SLU continues to carry out the Sorority's ideals and achieve the organization's goals with a commitment to each other, the campuses the Sorority serves, and the communities the organization works in every day.
Events: Events to keep an eye on:
Informal/Formal Teas (informational sessions)
Studying with the Senoritas (hang out and study)
RAICES week (SLU is the proud sponsor of our annual National RAICES (Roots); a week long, series of events, which are held nationally during the last week of September. Every chapter enthusiastically participates by hosting a variety of events while promoting and celebrating Latino heritage and culture on their respective campus and/or community. You will find at any given moment throughout the week, our Hermanas offering a variety of events that are enlightening, thought-provoking and focused on cultural enrichment, women's issues, community service and scholarship. All of which revolve around the chosen topic for the year)
Senorita Week
Philanthropy/Community Service Projects
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Twitter: slu_xi98
IG: slu_xi98
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Slam Poetry Club*
Org Name: Slam Poetry Club
Org President: Erica O'Connell
Phone: 401-595-1990
Email: urislampoetry@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/URISlamPoetryClub/?fref=ts
Description: A gathering of students to workshop writing, share ALL types of poetry, and work on delivery for open mics (optional).
Events: Look on our Facebook for upcoming Open Mic dates!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Secretary: Blythe Broadbin
Treasurer: Gabby Hummel

Meetings: Thursdays, Rm 360 in the Memorial Union, 6 pm
Category: Just For Fun
Slow Food URI
Org Name: Slow Food URI
Org President: Elizabeth La Chapelle
Phone: 201-458-4299
Email: urislowfood@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/124628670882250/
Description: Good, Clean, Fair Food! Slow Food is an organization that strives to create a healthy food system based on the values of good, clean, fair food. This means encouraging students and teachers to make informed choices about their food and supporting the move to more local food on campus.
Location: Greenhouse 123
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Jamie Mernick
Treasurer: Lex Neelis
Secretary: Gabri Ella Andreozzi

Twitter: @SlowfoodURI

Last Update April 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
Society for Human Resource Management      Grad Org    
Org Name: Society for Human Resource Management
Org President: Catherine Hill
Phone: 401-874-2239
Email: lrc@etal.uri.edu
Description: Graduate and Undergraduate Student Organization for students interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources.
Location: Hart House, 36 Upper College Road
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Katie Paul
Treasurer: Zach Cormier
Secretary: Courtney Parkinson
Advisor: Aimee Phelps
Category: Academic
Society for Women in Marine Science      Grad Org    
Org Name: Society for Women in Marine Science
Org President: Alexa Sterling, Jillian Freese
Phone: 617-365-1531
Email: uriswms@gmail.com
Website: http://swmsmarinescience.com/
Description: The purpose of the Society for Women in Marine Science (SWMS) is to provide a framework for discussion, networking, and mentoring young marine scientists. Our overall mission is to increase the visibility and retention of women in marine science, build inclusive professional networks, and create a community of marine researchers who acknowledge and address the difficulties facing women and minorities in the marine field.
Events: Twitter: https://twitter.com/uriswms
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Anna Robuck
Treasurer: Kaytee Canfield
Secretary: Danielle Perry
Other Exec: Erin Roberts, Melissa Hoffman, Laura Holland

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Academic
Society of Wetland Scientists*
Org Name: Society of Wetland Scientists
Org President: Sara Datson
Phone: 401-742-6738
Email: uriwetlandssociety@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1400658006895836/
Description: SWS is dedicated to promoting wetland science and advocacy through education and conservation. Our club is open to anyone who is interested in learning about wetlands and their importance to the environment, no matter what major you are currently studying. Please don't hesitate to contact us!
Location: Tuesdays at 6pm in CBLS 252
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Molly Waite
Treasurer: Ava DeMarco
Secretary: Shannon Villar
Advisor: Faculty mentor Serena Moseman-Valtierra
Category: Academic
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Org Name: Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Org President: Kelsey Matthews
Phone: 908-216-5018
Email: rhodyswe@gmail.com
Website: https://uriswe.shutterfly.com/
Description: The Society of Women Engineers at the University of Rhode Island is focused on empowering women in science, technology, & engineering to obtain their career and leadership goals and provide them with the necessary resources to do so. This includes academic help from older students, networking opportunities with our local SWE professional section, New England Shoreline Section, and opportunities to attend the SWE conferences.

Our URI section is highly focused on outreach, and making science and technology exciting to young girls in the community. Working with SWE NESS, local girl scout troops, and local high schools SWE URI has brought science and engineering to hundreds of young students!
Events: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=2361831622#!/pages/URIswe/165247523544804
Twitter: @ URIswe
Location: Bliss Hall Rm. 401
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Weekly meetings will be held on Tuesdays at 5:00pm.
See our facebook page for upcoming events!

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=2361831622#!/pages/URIswe/165247523544804
Sojourn Collegiate Ministries*
Org Name: Sojourn Collegiate Ministries
Org President: Emma Shoemaker
Phone: 301-525-4815
Email: emma_shoemaker@my.uri.edu
Website: http://sojourncollegiate.com/
Description: Sojourn exists to invite students to question, experience, and to follow Jesus. We strive to be a ministry for those who may have given up on church but not on God. We live this out by:

-Weekly community groups to share life and faith with.
-Monthly home cooked meals in studentsÃ'Æ'¯Ã'‚¿Ã'‚½Ã'Æ'â€...¡Ã'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚�¢Ã'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚�¢�¢€Ã...¡Ã'‚¬Ã'Æ'¯Ã'‚¿Ã'‚½Ã'Æ'â€...¡Ã'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚�¢ homes.
-Putting on fun events in order to invite your friends.
-Service projects as well as Spring Break Trips.
-Retreats with other students all around New England.

Sojourn is for all students regardless of religious affiliation or lack there of. If you have never stepped foot in a church before or have gone all your life, we welcome you.
Events: Meeting time: Tuesday 8pm
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sojournuri

Follow Us on Twitter @SojournProv

Last Updated: April 2015
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
South Asian Student Association*
Org Name: South Asian Student Association
Org President: Jannat Saini
Phone: 412-999-0543
Email: SASA@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/desi.student.association.uri/
Description: Our mission is to create an organization that provides students of South Asian decent the opportunity to come together at the University of Rhode Island. The quantity of students from South Asian countries, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, is particularly low at the University.Therefore, opening opportunities for these students to come together is important. Also, the organization is not be religiously affiliated and openly accepts members of South Asian decent or interest. In hope of attaining unity amongst one another, this association helps to bring a diverse mix of cultures from South Asia into the community at the University of Rhode Island.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: For specific event dates and times, please refer to our social media links. Normally, there are organization meetings twice a month in addition to a few major events per semester.
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Sports Medicine Club*
Org Name: Sports Medicine Club
Org President: Emily Cronin
Phone: 401-500-3483
Email: urisportsmedclub@gmail.com
Description: The Sports Medicine Club is primarily composed of (but not exclusive to) kinesiology majors who come together as a team to explore different career options in the field. Professionals such as physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, coaches, physicians, and massage therapists are invited each semester to talk about what they do in an average work day, and their educational experience.
Events: Meetings: Tuesday at 6:00 pm (Subject to Change)

Our tee shirt fundraiser will be carrying on until the end of this week. Shirts are $15.00. The money fundraised will be gifted to a deserving and dedicated senior who has been accepted into graduate school for higher education in sports medicine.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Isha Alvarez
Treasurer: Gabi Napoli
Secretary: Clayton Mitchell
Social Media: Lotte Black

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Academic
Strike a Chord*
Org Name: Strike a Chord
Org President: Erin Sheehan
Phone: 401-523-4558
Email: strikeachord@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/StrikeAChordURI
Description: Strike a Chord URI is a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing together music and philanthropy through benefit concerts and charity events.
Location: Memorial Union Room 314
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Twitter: @StrikeaChordUSA

VP:Sarah Lefoley
Treasurer: Sebastian Wilson
Secretary: Rhiannon Wilson
Category: Just For Fun
Student Action for Sustainability (SAS)*
Org Name: Student Action for Sustainability (SAS)
Org President: Morgan Anthony
Phone: 508-951-1450
Email: sas@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/URIStudentActionForSustainability/?fref=ts
Description: Join us to advance the goals of sustainability on campus, in our lives, and in our society! We're a group of students enthusiastic to change the future of our environment by first changing our impacts and helping others change theirs through education and activism. All are welcome!
Location: Wednesday 6-7 Memorial Union Rm 313
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Office Location: MU Room 128

Vice President: Kathryn Flannery
Treasurer: Gennifer Keller
Secretary: Holly Buhler
Category: Community Service & Activism
Student Advocates for Education (SAFE)
Org Name: Student Advocates for Education (SAFE)
Org President: Billy Bowden
Phone: 401-742-4305
Email: billb75@my.uri.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/411686742290474/
Description: Our group is focused on bringing more attention to not only the education major, but to educational concerns in our community, in our state, and in our nation. We will be studying different pedagogical procedures, but also working to understand how we can become better teachers in the future. We want to work with individuals in the field now, and we also want to work together to practice making mock lesson plans, presentations, and working with technology in the classroom. Our group is open to all majors, but we hope that our members will all be interested and excited about current topics in education. We hope to bring education to the forefront of collegiate studies, and attention.
Events: Meetings:
Wednesday nights at 6 PM
Location: Multicultural Center Rm. 203
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Category: Community Service & Activism
Student Alliance for the Welfare of Africa (SAWA)*
Org Name: Student Alliance for the Welfare of Africa (SAWA)
Org President: Nicole Sarr
Phone: 401-616-9001
Email: sawa@rhodysenate.org
Website: http://www.facebook.com/mambosawa
Description: SAWA (The Student Alliance for the Welfare for Africa), translates as "good" in Swahili -- as in "Mambo Sawa," which means "Life is Good." SAWA is a student group open to all students who are of African descent or are interested in learning more about Africa. We strive to enrich and unite the African community through social, artistic, educational, and service events.

To placing Africa (the second largest and poorest Continent) under a positive light for the benefit of everyone belonging to the University of Rhode Island and its surrounding community.

To foster an atmosphere of harmony amongst the African population and every other ethinc groups here at the University of Rhode Island.

To inspire within all those concerned about Africa and her welfare, a tender compassion towards issues affecting the Continent and her people on the social, educational, cultural, political, and economical scale.

To increase the awareness and understanding of all who work and study at the University of the several rich, varied and multifaceted, heritage and cultures of the African people.

To directly contribute to Africa's eventual and absolute liberation from all of her afflictions.
Events: World AIDS Week, Hair Show, Africa Week
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Mondays 7pm room 318 memorial union

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mambosawa
Twitter: @URI_SAWA

Last Updated: April 2015
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Student Alumni Association (SAA)*
Org Name: Student Alumni Association (SAA)
Org President: Tim O'Connor
Phone: 401-874-2821
Email: urisaa@urisaa.org
Website: http://urisaa.org/
Description: SAA was founded in 1985 and is sponsored by the Alumni Association. We strive to foster a sense of pride and tradition in the University. As a group, we collectively promote an active program of recruitment and commitment among both students and alumni. Our programs are designed to promote interaction between students and alumni for the betterment of the University. SAA's primary goals are also to generate spirit surrounding the University among the student body, provide information about the Alumni Association to the student body and keep the Alumni Association aware of developments on campus, which affect student perception of the University.
Events: Rhody Rally, Homecoming, Nearly Naked Mile, Oozeball
Location: First Floor of The Alumni Center (73 Upper College Road)
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings : Biweekly on Tuesday at 7pm in Quinn Auditorium

McKenna Bazemore, VP of Membership
Kendra Walsh, VP of Admin & Finance
Jackie Helger, VP of Campus Engagement
Cassandra Margues-Leach, VP of Career Development
Mike Lawson, VP of Alumni Engagement
Cara Lavallee, VP of Diversity & Community Advancement
Carly Egrie, VP of Marketing & Communications
Category: Leadership
Student Association for the Advancement of Haitian People (SAAHP)*
Org Name: Student Association for the Advancement of Haitian People (SAAHP)
Org President: Robby Baltazard
Phone: 401-919-1937
Email: robby_baltazard@my.uri.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/urisaahp
Description: Our mission is to bring the awareness of the Haitian culture to the URI student body and local communities.
Events: National Haitian Student Association Conference
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Weekly meetings TBA

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/urisaahp
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC)*
Org Name: Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC)
Org President: Abbey Miklitsch
Phone: 717-870-9426
Email: abbey_miklitsch@my.uri.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urisaac
Description: SAAC is the voice of the student athletes. This group of student athletes and their supporters seek input from student athletes and athletic team members in order to address questions and concerns with the Athletic administration and the Athletic Advisory Board. SAAC promotes communication between student-athletes and the athletic administration. We provide feedback and insight into athletics department issues. SAAC generates a student-athlete voice within the campus athletics department formulation of policies. Building a sense of community within athletics, by involving all teams through SAAC events and programming is a main goal of SAAC. NCAA will seek SAAC's Student Athletes to weigh in on proposed conference legislation.
promote communications between student-athletes and athletics administration.We provide feedback and insight into athletics department issues. SAAC generates a student-athlete voice within the campus athletics department formulation of policies. Building a sense of community within athletics,by involving all teams through SAAC events and programming is a main goal of SAAC. NCAA will seek SAAC's Student Athletes to weigh in on proposed conference legislation.
Events: Events that SAAC will be a part of/ help organize:
Ã'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚¢Ã'¢â€...¡Ã‚¬Ã'‚¨-Freshman Student Athlete OrientationÃ'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚¢Ã'¢â€...¡Ã‚¬Ã'‚¨
-Pink OutÃ'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚¢Ã'¢â€...¡Ã‚¬Ã'‚¨
-Rhody RAM ZooÃ'¯Â¿Â½Ã'‚¢Ã'¢â€...¡Ã‚¬Ã'‚¨
-Rhody Cup Inter-varsity Competition which includes; R.A.M. games, Lip-dub competition, Community Service and Life Skills Events.
Location: Tootell Athletic Academic Center
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Bimonthly Meetings on Tuesday evenings at 7pm in the Student Athlete Lounge

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urisaac
Twitter: @URI_SAAC
Category: Leadership
Student Entertainment Committee (SEC)*
Org Name: Student Entertainment Committee (SEC)
Org President: Phil Nemriow
Phone: 401-874-5298
Email: urisec@rhodysenate.org
Website: http://www.facebook.com/RhodeIsland.SEC
Description: The URI Student Entertainment Committee (SEC) is a student organization that plans a variety of entertainment events for the campus and local community. SEC has a hand in every stage of the event planning process while organizing shows together. Our duties include choosing/booking performers, selling tickets, marketing and advertising, working backstage as a stage crew or security team, and much, MUCH more.

URI SEC works on concerts, comedy shows, lectures/presentations by famous athletes, actors, actresses, politicians, or reality stars, "daytime distractions" including massage therapists, tie dying, sundae making, lobster bakes, free movie showings, etc. (if it's fun, we probably do it.)

SEC consists of 4 sub-committees: Concerts, Special Events, VIP/Speakers, and Advertising. Each sub-committee manages different types of shows and/or activities that SEC is responsible for, while the Advertising subcommittee works to promote SEC.

Our newly added SEC Street Team is our marketing team that work all over campus and the surrounding area to promote our events. This is a way to get a little bit more involved with SEC than a general membership! Applications for Street Team will be made available at our Fall Recruitment Meeting.

Treasurer: My Vu
Vice President: Chelsea Opoong-Wadeer
Secretary: Will Karabots
Chairperson - Phil Nemirow
Recruitment and Retention Coordinator - Chelsea Opong-Wadeer
Administrative Secretary - Will Karabots
Business Manager - My Vu
Public Relations Coordinator - Melanie Bonacasa
Hospitality Coordinator - Robbie Mann
Concerts President - Danny DePetro
Special Events President - Jen Roth
Speakers (VIP) President - Adriana Wilding
Advertising President - Frankie Watson

If you have leadership skills, enjoy music, movies, and entertainment, are creative or artistic, or possess any other skills that could help an organization run smoothly, then join SEC!
Events: Welcome Week and Fall Recruitment Meeting will be the first week of school! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information @urisec
Location: Memorial Union Room 208
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Visit our Facebook Page & follow us on twitter to see our updated schedule of events, have a chance at ticket giveaways, and learn more about becoming a part of SEC!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RhodeIsland.SEC
Twitter: @URISEC

Weekly Subcommittee Meetings
Special Events Meeting: Mondays @6pm in Quinn Auditorium
VIP (speakers) Meeting: Wednesdays @ 5pm in Memorial Union Rm 318
Concerts Meeting: Wednesdays @6pm in Quinn Auditorium
Advertising/Street Team Meeting: Tuesday @6pm in Memorial Union Rm.354

Last Updated: February 2017
Advisor: Faculty: Michael Nolfe
Graduate: Brittany Murtaugh
Category: Just For Fun
Student National Pharmaceutical Association
Org Name: Student National Pharmaceutical Association
Org President: Amala Murthy
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: urisnpha@gmail.com
Website: http://urisnpha.wix.com/uri-snpha
Description: SNPhA is an educational service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about pharmacy and healthcare related issues, and the poor minority representation in pharmacy and other health-related professions.

The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize, coordinate and execute programs geared toward the improvement for the health, educational, and social environment of the community.
Location: Every other Thursday 4pm in Woodward Hall 341
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Caralyn Granato
Treasurer: Rachel Movsas
Secretary: Sydney Cassell
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SNPhA-URI-Chapter/335925459785884
Twitter: https://twitter.com/snphauri
Category: Academic
Student Nursing Association
Org Name: Student Nursing Association
Org President: Kelly McGuinness
Phone: 973-647-2763
Email: rhodysna@gmail.com
Website: http://rhodysna.yolasite.com
Description: University of Rhode Island College of Nursing's Student Nurse Association (SNA) is a pre-professional association that represents students preparing for the future as professional nurses. The association engages in a shared governance approach that encourages health related discussions, health advocacy and interdisciplinary collaboration among students across the university.
Among its many activities within the university community, SNA emphasizes health promotion, healthy lifestyle and health equity issues. Its members seek to act as change agents and role models for other university student and the State of Rhode Island. Students in SNA have the ability to make professional contacts and provide an opportunity for networking with professionals from diverse backgrounds.
Events: Meetings: Twice a month in White Hall Commons, days and times are subject to change each semester. Check out the SNA bulletin board in White Hall for dates and times.
Location: White Hall
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Student Organization Leadership Consultants (SOLC)*
Org Name: Student Organization Leadership Consultants (SOLC)
Org President: Amber Rehberg
Phone: 401-874-7287
Email: solc@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://web.uri.edu/leadership/solc/retreat/
Description: The Student Organization Leadership Consultants (SOLC) is a group of URI students who have received advanced facilitation skills training in leadership & group development by fellow experienced SOLC facilitators. SOLC works to promote and use peer leadership to help URI’s student groups to effectively achieve their goals. Here’s a bit more on what we do:
> Plans and facilitates individually designed workshops and retreats.
> Mentors, counsels, and consults with student groups, organizations, and teams.
> Teaches relevant concepts and skills in order to improve organization effectiveness.
SOLC is open to any URI student interested in advancing their facilitation skills and learning about group development.
Events: Meetings: Monday 3-4 MU Room 204
Location: Memorial Union Room 204
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Megan Leiss
Treasurer: Sandy Gradoia
Secretary: Mariah DeFreitas

Twitter: @URI_SOLC

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Leadership
Student Philanthropy Council
Org Name: Student Philanthropy Council
Org President: Erin Regan
Phone: 516-662-5411
Email: spc@etal.uri.edu
Website: http://www.urifoundation.org/studentphilanthropy
Description: The mission of the SPC is to build a culture of philanthropy, pride and donor appreciation at URI. The council helps educate students about the impact of donor support at URI and fosters a spirit of philanthropy by planning engaging and meaningful awareness and fundraising activities for the campus community. The SPC is coordinated through the URI Foundation's Annual Giving Office.
Events: Opening Doors Day - October

I Heart URI - November and February
Location: Alumni Center - Annual Giving Office
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Meeting dates/times for Fall 2016 TBD; meetings held at URI Foundation

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/URISPC
Twitter: https://twitter.com/URI_SPC
Category: Community Service & Activism
Student Senate*
Org Name: Student Senate
Org President: Adriana Wilding
Phone: 401-874-2261
Email: info@rhodysenate.org
Website: http://web.uri.edu/studentsenate/
Description: The Senate shall be the representative student government of the University of Rhode Island, deriving its power and legitimacy from the consent of the governed. The Senate remains a separate and distinct entity from the University of Rhode Island and all underlying affiliates. As the representative voice of the undergraduate student body of the University of Rhode Island, the Senate shall be obligated to discuss any matters brought before the Senate by a member of the URI community that affect students directly or indirectly as students or as citizens. The Senate shall have power to establish, recognize and promote educational, social and cultural activities for the enhancement of student life.
Events: Meetings: Wednesday 6:30 MU Room 201
Location: MU Room 201
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: VIce President: Abdulwhab Alquirtas
Treasurer: Kevin Blewitt
Secretary: Ryan McWeeney
Academic Chair: John Morabito
SOARC Chair: Austin Cordova
External Chair: Aziz Alquirtas
Campus Chair: Kelly Watka
Director of Communications: Rachael Sardinha
Cultural Chair: Jennifer Kohl

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-University-of-Rhode-Island-Student-Senate/112603375429778?v=wall
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rhodysenate

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Leadership
Student Veterans Organization*      Grad Org    
Org Name: Student Veterans Organization
Org President: Kiel Quinn
Phone: 401-309-2612
Email: urisvo@gmail.com
Website: http://studentorg.apps.uri.edu/
Description: Our mission is to serve as an advocate and support apparatus for the Student Veterans attending The University of Rhode Island by providing information, networking opportunities, and guidance to aid student veterans in achieving intellectual and professional success.
Events: Biweekly days change,email for schedule
Location: Memorial Union Room 317/ Meetings are biweekly, Thursday at 4pm
Graduate Org: Yes
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Scott Carr
Treasurer: David Christie
Secretary: Demettrious Dawkins
Other : Jeff Johnson

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/URIVets/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/urisvo
Category: Community Service & Activism
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP/NORML)*
Org Name: Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP/NORML)
Org President: Haley Cedarholm
Phone: 603-397-9044
Email: ssdp@rhodysenate.org
Website: http://www.urissdp.org
Description: Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.

URI's chapter of SSDP is one of the most active in the country and has been featured multiple times on High Time's annual list of top SSDP chapters.
Location: Memorial Union Room 128, Mondays 6pm
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: URI's chapter of SSDP is one of the most active in the country and has been featured multiple times on High Time's annual list of top SSDP chapters.

Vice President: Mikal Banjoko
Treasurer: Alexa Bracken
Secretary: Shannon Davis
Social Media Chair: Connor Lenihan
Event Coordinator: Anna Pirrie

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/urissdp

Twitter: @URISSDP
Category: Community Service & Activism
Students for the Advancement of Gender Equity (SAGE)*
Org Name: Students for the Advancement of Gender Equity (SAGE)
Org President: Kinsey Hirae
Phone: 401-297-6807
Email: urisageclub@gmail.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/urisageclub
Description: SAGE, Students for the Advancement of Gender Equity, is a social justice oriented group where all are welcome to discuss modern issues involving intersectionalism and equality while working towards social change.
Location: Mondays at 5, Multicultural Center room 203
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Twitter: @sage_uri

Treasurer: Francesca Vallaro
Secretary: Alex Baranowski
Category: Community Service & Activism
Talent Development Student Advisory Council*
Org Name: Talent Development Student Advisory Council
Org President: Mark David
Phone: 401-649-3979
Email: tdsac68@gmail.com
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
The Coastal Society, URI Chapter
Org Name: The Coastal Society, URI Chapter
Org President: Alanna Casey
Phone: 401-874-2471
Email: thecoastalsocietyuri@groupspac
Description: The URI TCS is committed to addressing emerging coastal issues by fostering dialogue, forging partnerships and promoting communications and education.
Events: Meetings: First Wednesday of every month at 11am in Kingston Coastal Institute room 117a
Location: Coastal Institute 205
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/uricoastalsociety
The Good Five-Cent Cigar*
Org Name: The Good Five-Cent Cigar
Org President: Lianna Blakeman
Phone: 401-874-2914
Email: uricigar@gmail.com
Website: http://rhodycigar.com/
Description: Section A. The staff of the Cigar shall publish on a regular basis as a newspaper
containing news articles, opinions, artwork, features, sports, arts, entertainment and
advertising of goods and services that are of interest and importance to the students
of the University of Rhode Island. The Cigar staff shall strive to produce a
responsible, fair and accurate newspaper.

Section B. The Cigar shall serve for its staff as an educational experience in
management, editorial, business and technical aspects of the newspaper enterprise.

Section C. This organization shall be both legal and non-profit in nature. The Cigar
accepts and understands that under the authority granted it by the University of
Rhode Island, as specified in the University Manual, Student Senate legislative
decisions shall take precedence over those of any other student organization.
Events: Printing a weekly paper every Thursday morning throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Mondays at 6pm in Room 125 of the Memorial Union
Location: Room 125 in the Memorial Union (secretary in room 129)
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Nicholas Bush
Secretary: Susan Sancomb
Treasurer: Connor Smith
News Editors: Caitlyn Picard, Samuel Murray
Entertainment Editor: Zack DeLuca
Sports Editor: Stone Freeman
Newscast Editor: Margeaux Gagnon
Photo Editor: Autumn Walter
Web Editor: Rebecca Dickinson
Production Manager: Emma Gauthier
Staff Reporters: Kelsey Santmyer, Oluwatona Campbell, Julia Moro, Ian Weiner, Robert Clark
Staff Photographers: Kayla Michaud, Sarah Vinci, Joe Lachance

Facebook: The Good 5 Cent Cigar
Twitter: @Good5CentCigar
Category: Creative Outlets
The Ocean Notion
Org Name: The Ocean Notion
Org President: Tristen Rodgers
Phone: 401-742-7287
Email: theoceannotion@gmail.com
Description: From swimming in the waves, to laying in the sand, the ocean is an important part of our lives. When garbage is littered in our waters it damages the fragile eco-system we call our home. As University of Rhode Island students, we are never more then a few minutes from the beach. We are committed to cleaning up the water and beaches in Rhode Island using responsible methods of recyclingWe are dedicated to preserving the Ocean for future generations to enjoy.
Events: Beach Cleanup at Narragansett Beach in early March 2016
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Meetings: Tuesday, 12:00pm, Narragansett, RI

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ocean_Notion
Category: Community Service & Activism
The Puppy Raisers Club*
Org Name: The Puppy Raisers Club
Org President: Rebecca Provensal
Phone: 401-644-4137
Email: puppyraisersclub@gmail.com
Website: https://puppyraisersclub.wordpress.com/
Description: The Puppy Raisers Club is a student led group that participates in community outreach by working with a 503(c) non-profit organization, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, to raise service dogs as future guides for those who are visually impaired. Guiding Eyes for the Blind provides these exceptionally trained and bred dogs to their client free of charge, and therefor relies heavily on volunteers to help raise and train their dogs from the time they are puppies until they are fully trained service animals. Memebers of this club who choose to raise a dog for Guiding Eyes are certified as raisers through their organization. Our goal as a club is to raise awareness for this great organization, as well as spread knowledge about service dogs and their importance in the community, as well as the immense training that they undergo. Becoming involved in this club is a great way to give back to the community and learn about service dog training and behavior!
Location: Woodward 138
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Abigail Auger
Treasurer: Molly Stevens
Secretary: Gianna Zavota
Media/PR: Allison Doyle

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
Theme Park Engineering and Design*
Org Name: Theme Park Engineering and Design
Org President: Emily Orr
Phone: 973-479-9575
Email: Pleaseseebelow@rhodysenate.org
Location: Tuesdays at 5pm at the IEP House
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Treasurer: Sarah Pudlo

E-Mail: themeparkengineering@rhodysenate.org

Last Updated April 2018
Advisor: Faculty Advisor: Niko Tracksdorf
Category: Academic
Org Name: Thrive
Org President: Gina Miranda
Phone: 401-603-7373
Email: Thrive@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thriveuri/
Description: Thrive is an idea accelerator that helps you find your passion, connect with like-minded peers, and create impactful projects. #LiveYourPassion
Events: Check out ChangeFest at URI!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Treasurer: John Morabito
Director of Organization - Cathy Lenox
Director of Outreach - Jessi Florendo
Director of Design - Kaelin Costa

Twitter: @thriveuri

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
Uhuru Sasa*
Org Name: Uhuru Sasa
Org President: Beatrice Mondestil
Phone: 401-626-9615
Email: uhurusasa@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/uhuru.sasa.love/?fref=ts
Description: The purpose of Uhuru Sasa shall be dedicated to establishing and maintaining the cultural, social an educational enrichment of all people who work and study at the University of Rhode Island and the community. It is Uhuru Sasa's intention to accomplish this through the pursuit of educational, historical, literary and artistic functions

Uhuru Sasa was established in 1972 as the first multicultural organization to champion the causes of minorities on the university campus. Uhuru Sasa remains dedicated to fostering the growth of minority students and all people who work at and/or attend the University of Rhode Island.
Location: Memorial Union 342
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Allysha Bonilla
Treasurer: Olatunbosun Abujade
Secretary: Tolulope Ademola
Additional Executive Members: Samantha Pierre, Ariel Gibson, Ali Carvalho, and Tinuola Agbelusi

Meetings: Tuesday 7pm Memorial Union Atrium 2

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uhuru.sasa.love
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Uhuru_Sasa
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
University of Rhode Island Climbing Team*
Org Name: University of Rhode Island Climbing Team
Org President: Danielle Corderre
Phone: 508-728-0785
Email: uriclimbing@gmail.com
Description: Vice President : Nick Grum
Treasurer : Jenna Fontaine
Secretary : Tom Turner
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Just For Fun
URI Animal Welfare Organization*
Org Name: URI Animal Welfare Organization
Org President: Sarah Nolan
Phone: 518-879-7575
Email: urianimalwelfareclub@gmail.com
Description: Vice President: Michelle Boucher
Treasurer: Isabella Berube
Secretary: Lauren Boisvert
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Community Service & Activism
URI Ballroom Dance*
Org Name: URI Ballroom Dance
Org President: Harrison E Timperley
Phone: 401-871-2812
Email: ballroom@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://ballroom.apps.uri.edu/
Description: URI Ballroom Dance is built around the ideals that members should feel secure in themselves, have the ability to express themselves, and be a part of a community that they can interact with freely. We achieve this by creating a social environment that bring those from URI and those in the community into a judgment free atmosphere in which members can learn a wide variety of styles of both ballroom and social dancing. Every lesson allows members who have never danced before be able to attend a dance or competition event and be able to comfortably participate and socialize no matter what level.

Vice President: Flojo Badejo
Treasurer: Harrison Timperley
Secretary: Kirsten Fagan
Events: Meetings/classes: Our meetings/classes take place every Wednesday in the Memorial Union Ballroom. There are three one-hour lessons that begin at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30. Each one-hour session provides instruction for two ballroom dances. At 8:30, a technique class is offered free of charge.
Location: Rainville Ballroom
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2200019120/

Vice President: Flojo Badejo
Treasurer: Erin Chille
Secretary: Kristen Schaffer

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Creative Outlets
URI Bee Club*
Org Name: URI Bee Club
Org President: Tabatha Lewis
Phone: 203-313-1909
Email: uribeeclub@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/URIBeeClub/
Description: The URI Bee Club promotes bee knowledge and advocacy through activities, discussion, and speakers. Through the work of the club we are determined to foster a community that works to sustain bees and other pollinators (but especially bees). As we move through the year we plan to create professional connections with active members of the bee community, host workshops, and actively work with bees. Open to students of any major or background!
Location: Meetings the first and third Monday of every month at 7 in Woodward 009.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Kate Vasquez-Braun
Treasurer: Julia Rucko
Secretary: Sophia Theilacker
Category: Community Service & Activism
URI Capoeria Club*
Org Name: URI Capoeria Club
Org President: Max Fullmer
Phone: 757-288-8355
Email: uricapoeira@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/URICapoeiraClub/
Description: Formerly known as URI Martial Arts: Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which combines fight, dance, rhythm and movement. Capoeira is a dialog between players - a conversation through movement which can take on many shades of meaning. The details of capoeira's origins and early history are still a matter of debate among historians, but it is clear that african slaves played a crucial role in the development of the artform. Some historians claim that slaves used capoeira's dance-like appearance as a way to hide their training of combat and self defense. Capoeira's many styles come out of the context of two principle branches that were formalized in the first half of the twentieth century following capoeira's legalization. This is only the beginning of the story - look below to find out more. But to really understand capoeira, you need to see it for yourself. Open to all.
Events: Treasurer: James Gannon
Vice President: Ashley Jackson
Secretary: Milucy Fernandes
Class Instructor: Haneefah Libelinha Abdullah
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Capoeira Classes run from 7:00-8:00 p.m. on Thursdays in the Fascitelli gym, frequently with an extra hour from 8:00-9:00 p.m. in the Hardge Forum of the Multi Cultural Center (MCC).
Category: Creative Outlets
URI Club Baseball*
Org Name: URI Club Baseball
Org President: Nick Candelora
Phone: 203-500-5001
Email: uribaseballclub@gmail.com
Description: Competitive club baseball with the national club baseball association
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Curtis Richall
Treasurer: Austin Conte
Secretary: Cam Rosa
Other: Taylor Beckman

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Club Golf
Org Name: URI Club Golf
Org President: Samuel Martel
Phone: 401-527-7699
Email: Samuel_martel@my.uri.edu
Description: The University of Rhode Island Club Golf team provides a passionate sense of involvement. It is an inclusive organization for players of all talent levels. Club golf opens the opportunity to practice locally and play at tournaments around New England in NCCGA tournaments.
Events: NCCGA Tournament 1
Agawam Hunt Golf Course
March 24 & March 25

NCCGA Tournament 2
Heritage Country Club
April 7 & April 8
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Benjamin Modzelesky
Treasurer: Woody McGuiness
Secretary: Eric Edwards
Planning and Organization: Christian Cruz
Category: Just For Fun
URI Club Tennis*
Org Name: URI Club Tennis
Org President: Wilfredo Tangui
Phone: 401-864-3978
Email: clubtennis@rhodysenate.org
Description: A recreational and competitive team that competes against other universities in New England and practices together throughout the week.
Events: Sectionals at Harvard Universisty:
Sat. and Sun. October 4 & 5
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/476967109066439/
Category: Just For Fun
URI Club Track and Field*
Org Name: URI Club Track and Field
Org President: Angel Zhang
Phone: 914-656-3478
Email: trackandfield@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://uriclubtrackandfield.wordpress.com/
Description: We are a club for everyone that is interested in an experience or continue your experience running Track and Field and or Cross Country in College. We compete with other schools at meets in the Northeast region in various events ranging from 55m Hurdles to 10K Cross Country races. If you ran in high school and would love to get involved without 100% commitment to a varsity sport but still would like to have a team to support you and run with we are the team for you. If you haven't ever run before and would like to try it out we are also a great fit for you!
Location: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6am on the indoor track
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Lauren Montgomery
Treasurer: RIch Corbin
Secretary: Emily Martin
Aaron Hertzer is Sargent at Arms
Dan Brogan is photographer/historian

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Composting Club*
Org Name: URI Composting Club
Org President: Justin Gold
Phone: 973-943-5929
Email: composting@rhodysenate.org
Description: We are a club that will try to further diversify the atmosphere at URI. By teaching, helping, motivating and inspiring our local URI community we will foster a sense of empowerment toward the environment. The club centers around environmental sustainability with a subset in agricultural composting. Many of our members have backgrounds in environmental composting as well biodegradable materials. As a result, we plan to create fertile compost over the duration of 5 months with the ultimate intent to use the compost along the compass to plant some flowers. Furthermore, the club can educate and teach new members about the benefits of composting and future acts of environmental conservation. Additionally, the club is also focused on water quality and pH testing. Many of the members have science and biochemistry backgrounds. Therefore, we have learned some information on lab techniques to test water and quality. In essence, the water quality testing technique is to make sure the URI water is safe, but mainly to educate members on proper lab techniques regarding pH reading and testing. Finally, the club will try to produce a beautiful garden towards the spring months. As a result, this can create a more pleasant view for other fellow URI students as well as a cleaner environment.
Location: Watson House and URI Mainfare Friday 2:00pm
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Mark Silvestri
Treasurer: Alex Snyder
Secretary: Sam Rush

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
URI Cricket Club*
Org Name: URI Cricket Club
Org President: Sundaram Patel
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: uricricketclub@gmail.com
Description: Our organization spreads awareness of the second most popular sport in the world to the URI community. Bearing resemblance to baseball, the sport captures the attention of the locals and we encourage interested people to join us.
Events: Treasurer: Julie Cuddigan
Secretary: Mahad Jamil
Vice President: Herit Patel
Location: Wed or Thurs 5-8pm. Outside Track Field
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Just For Fun
URI Cycling Club*
Org Name: URI Cycling Club
Org President: Rachel Chambers
Phone: 860-707-2159
Email: uricyclingclub@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/166517853419431/?ref=bookmarks
Description: We promote cycling on campus as a commuting option and as a fitness or competitive outlet! We have weekly rides that are announced through Facebook and email that match anyone's pace. Bring your own bike and helmet and join us!!
Events: group rides 10am sundays, by bus circle
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Jimmi Hayes
Treasurer:Michael Vittori

URI Cycling Club holds group rides every sunday for all types of riders. We participate in local recreational rides and many of our members compete. We provide on campus technical support and can help riders find safe routes and fun trails near campus.
URI Debate Union*
Org Name: URI Debate Union
Org President: Isabelle Ury
Phone: 603-205-0721
Email: debateunion@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/URIDebateUnion
Description: Our team encourages all to join and fosters an open community where students can debate. We offer opportunities for students to travel and debate competitively with other universities, as well as opportunities to volunteer in local high schools tournaments as judges. No experience needed! If you have any questions please email us!
Location: Meetings: TBA Fall 2018
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: https://twitter.com/URIDebate

Vice President: Noah Steinberg
Treasurer: Andy Boardman
Secretary: Lydia Forrest

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Leadership
URI Democrats*
Org Name: URI Democrats
Org President: Andy Boardman
Phone: 401-688-8005
Email: uricollegedems@gmail.com
Description: URI Democrats provides a unique opportunity to catalyze change from Kingston to Washington, D.C. We work to empower students and embolden tomorrow's leaders as we advocate for economic justice, social equity, environmental protection, and other core progressive values in innovative and creative ways. Don't stay on the sidelines--give your passion a voice and join URI College Democrats today
Events: Discussions with candidates and elected officials
Voter registration drives
Issue advocacy
Campaign canvassing
and more!
Location: Memorial Union 352
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Spring 2018: Weekly meetings Tuesdays at 7PM in Memorial Union 354

Tresurer: Avi Shrivastava
Vice President: Sarah Gladstone
Secretary: Kevin Dyer
Campus and Community Director: Allison Lantagne
Director of Student Affairs: Currently open

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/URICollegeDems
Twitter: https://twitter.com/uricollegedems
Instagram: instagram.com/uricollegedems

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Leadership
URI Doc OPP (Doctor Opportunities)*
Org Name: URI Doc OPP (Doctor Opportunities)
Org President: Van Gagnier
Phone: 508-579-3686
Email: DocOpp@Rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/docoppURI/
Description: DOC OPP is the University of Rhode Island's official pre-medical student organization. The purpose of DOC OPP is to unite students who share the common goal of reaching medical school. This organization aims to allow students to familiarize themselves with the medical school admissions process, as well as the skills and requirements necessary to compete in this process. DOC OPP offers early exposure to the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) by administering practice tests and facilitating tutoring sessions. Additionally, DOC OPP schedules guest lectures that feature general practitioners, specialists and physicians who have worked on medical school admission boards. Along with guest lecturers, DOC OPP will also host workshops that work on necessary skills for the admissions process, including personal statement help and resume writing. Finally, DOC OPP strives to coordinate shadowing opportunities for its members, so that they may acquire field experience during their undergraduate years. DOC OPP ultimately seeks to unite and foster a close-knit community of hardworking pre-medical students. Our greatest ambition is to send more and more Rams to medical school every year. This Facebook group will serve to disseminate updates and information as well as offer a place where officers can be contacted directly and questions can be posted publicly.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Nino Prestigiacomo
Treasurer: Ed Galucci
Secretary: Shelley Oliveira Barbosa
Category: Academic
URI Dressage Team*
Org Name: URI Dressage Team
Org President: Lucy Israel
Phone: 914-815-5015
Email: uridressage@gmail.com
Website: http://uridressage.weebly.com/
Description: Dressage riding available for all levels of experience! Join this team and you learn how to ride dressage, compete, care for horses, and make new friends and experiences!
Location: Meetings: Thursdays at 7
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: VP & Treasurer: Lea Janz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uridressageteam/?fref=ts
Twitter: @URIdressage
Instagram: @uridressage

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Eating Concerns Advisors (UReca!)*
Org Name: URI Eating Concerns Advisors (UReca!)
Org President: Katie Cichon
Phone: 401-874-4263
Email: urecaconnect@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/UReca-771125822964721/info/?entry_point=about_section_header&tab=page_info
Description: Treasurer: Kelly O'Connell
Vice President: Terra Marie Jouaneh
Secretary: Antonia Balboni
Events: Meetings: Thursdays 2-4
Location: Chafee Suite 100
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Community Service & Activism
URI Fencing*
Org Name: URI Fencing
Org President: Kaitlyn Wilson
Phone: 410-476-1683
Email: fencing@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urifencing/?fref=nf
Description: The fencing club provides the opportunity for students to learn how to fence and compete in competitions throughout New England. No experience is necessary and all equipment is provided. For those who already have an understanding of how to fence, our coaches and captains will further supplement their prior knowledge. All in all, the club provides a non-traditional, Olympic sport to the university.
Events: Meetings: Monday & Thursday, 5:00-8:00pm in the Memorial Union
Location: Memorial Union 344
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Treasurer: Caitlin Stanton
Secretary: Jack Spigel
Fundraising: Robert Romoff

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Film Collaborative*
Org Name: URI Film Collaborative
Org President: Brian LeBlanc
Phone: 401-743-5211
Email: urifilmcollaborative@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urifc/
Description: The mission of the URI Film Collaborative is to promote diversity of film exhibition and creation. We will educate, create, advocate, and inform through cinematic art. Together with the University, we will foster film talent and cultivate film appreciation and participation.
Events: Meetings: Swan 203, 5pm on Wednesdays

Treasurer: Charles Klensch
Vice President: Nicholas Blackman
Secretary: Brianna Kelley
Location: Wednesdays at 5pm, Swan Hall Rm 313 (Starting on Sept 21!)
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
- Rainville Leadership Awards Video
- URI Campus Life Series
- URI Big Event 2011 Ireland
- URI Big Event 2012 East Asia
- Providence 2011 48 Hour Film Project
- Providence 2012 48 Hour Film Project
- S.A.W.A. Fashion Show Photography
- Vagina Monologues Photography & Poster Design
- C.L.A.S.S. Continental Pulse Videography
- "LIFE in a DAY @ URI" Documentary 2012
- Dorm Room Tango 2010
- Rocks Paper Scissors Short 2012
- "Here" Short Film 2013 (In Post-Production)
- "LIFE in a DAY @ URI" Documentary 2014 (In Post-Production)
More info at: http://studentorg.apps.uri.edu/ or upon request!
Category: Just For Fun
URI Golden Key Honour Society
Org Name: URI Golden Key Honour Society
Org President: Alex Kowalski
Phone: 401-323-3093
Email: alexkowalski@my.uri.edu
Website: uri.goldenkey.org
Description: Golden Key International Honor Society is an academic honor society which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines.

Our mission is to enable members to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/golden-key-honour-society-uri/200868813267482

Our executive board meets twice a month to discuss and coordinate volunteer activities. We actively volunteer time each month with the building efforts of South County Habitat for Humanity in Kingston, RI every Friday and Saturday afternoon that we can. In addition, we hold general meetings for our members offering other opportunities that encourage leadership, service and academics.

Our New Member Recognition event will be held in February. Email us at alexkowalski@my.uri.edu or goldenkeyuri@gmail.com if you aren't on our list for information on registering as it develops.
URI Hydrobotics*
Org Name: URI Hydrobotics
Org President: Jackson Sugar
Phone: 401-744-6109
Email: urihydrobotics@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/URIROV/
Description: At the URI Hydrobotics team you will get the opportunity to apply your critical thinking skills as we go through the engineering design process to create and test a ROV at the Mate Competition. We incorporate all fields in engineering to create our ROVs. We also have the best spot on campus, so come check us out even if its just for the view.
Location: Sheets Lab 6/Fish Laboratory - GSO Campus
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Tuesdays 6-7 PM

Captain - Jackson Sugar
Business Leader - Yelena Randall
Control Systems Leader - Timothy Boyd
Mechanical Leader- Joseph Grenier
Treasurer: Yelena Randall
Category: Just For Fun
Org President: Director: Brian Cardany
Phone: 401-874-2799
Email: bcardany@mail.uri.edu
Description: The University of Rhode Island Ram Marching Band is a strong representative for URI Athletics, the Department of Music, and the University as a whole. The Ram Marching Band supports the football team at all home football games and usually travels to at least one away game each season. The band also gives exhibition and parade performances in Rhode Island and in the surrounding region, and supports URI for "Meet the University" days and other special events.

Members of the Ram Marching Band represent a wide variety perspectives and experience. With music majors constituting only 20% of its membership, the Ram Marching Band contains students from all fields of study (including engineering, pharmacy, oceanography, etc.). Those members who join with little or no experience in marching band are carefully taught in a very supportive environment. Those members who have extensive marching experience (competition, drum corps) appreciate our strong emphasis on musicianship and overall quality. Members of the PRIDE can easily be counted on to exude positive spirit for the school and perform without hesitation in rain or shine.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Practices occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4 to 6 as well as all home football games and other related events such as Welcome Day and Meet the U.
Category: Creative Outlets
URI Musician's Guild*
Org Name: URI Musician's Guild
Org President: Jesse Yelin
Phone: 860-986-2294
Email: musiciansguild@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/URIMusiciansGuild
Description: The URI Musician's Guild aims to support music in all forms by providing local musicians an open venue to perform for the student body and community of Rhode Island. In concordance with this goal, the guild hosts about five shows a semester, with occasional smaller events sponsored by neighboring clubs.

We also offer audio gear rental (with an advanced notice of at least 2 weeks) for fellow student organizations hosting events that require sound set up. Please e-mail us with any questions.
Events: Fall 2018 Meetings TBA
Location: Memorial Union Room 124
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Cynthia Munrayos
Treasurer: Mike Villani
Secretary: Emma Mariano

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Northeast Student Affiliate (NESA)*
Org Name: URI Northeast Student Affiliate (NESA)
Org President: Allison Mosichuk
Phone: 401-338-2965
Email: nesa@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urinesa/
Description: NESA is a livestock judging team that competes against other academic institutions in the New England area at the annual NESA competition. Northeast Affiliate (NESA) competitions are the Student Affiliate Division (SAD) of the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS). We, as a team, compete in 3 livestock/agricultural arenas consisting of: quiz bowl, livestock judging, and paper presentations on research topics. The competition is held every February and the team practices 1-2 times per week.
Events: We have the annual NESA competition every February!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Gianna Zavota
Treasurer: Gabby Bonofiglio
Secretary: Kianna Taylor
Fundraising Chair: Lindsey Eaton

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Academic
URI Paranormal Society*
Org Name: URI Paranormal Society
Org President: Kate Marie Vasquez-Braun
Phone: 708-548-5243
Email: ghost@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2216190304/
Description: The URI Ghost Hunting Team is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating ourselves on and investigating the paranormal. We hope to either prove or refute the supernatural through dedicated research; the use of the latest technology; and our five natural senses. Our scientific approach allows us to present evidence in an impartial light. The club also discusses other topics like aliens, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, and divination. We do not discriminate against any belief system, etc. Have a question? Please contact us at ghost@rhodysenate.org or come to a meeting!
Events: Meetings: Tuesdays, 6-7, Memorial Union 318
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Nicole Petta
Treasurer: Alec Mauk
Secretary: Isabel Vecsey
Historian - Riley Pearson
Tech Manager - Harry Silverstein

Last Updated May 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Powerlifting*
Org Name: URI Powerlifting
Org President: Daniel Baez
Phone: 201-577-4530
Email: powerlifting@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/490145267777954/
Description: A competitive powerlifting team that competes against other schools across New England and the country in the USAPL. Practice is once per week and meets are once or twice per semester. We are an organization open to all undergraduate/graduate students and staff members. The URI Powerlifting Team builds character, discipline and work ethic that translates to all aspects of life.
Location: 7:30-9:30pm Friday Nights at Mackal Weight Room
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Jenn Santos
Treasurer: Mark Gall
Secretary: Marina Sapeta

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Puppy Raisers*
Org Name: URI Puppy Raisers
Org President: Caitlyn Landry
Phone: 860-878-7543
Email: uripuppyraisers@gmail.com
Description: The Puppy Raisers Club is a fairly new club to URI. We are a student led club that is participating in community outreach by working with an organization called Guiding Eyes for the Blind to raise dogs to be future guide dogs for those who are visually impaired. We have a group of URI students who are certified puppy raisers with Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Guiding Eyes for the Blind is a wonderful non-profit organization that trains these exceptional puppies to be guide dogs for those who are visually impaired and then provides them to those who benefit from them free of charge. Here at URI we are looking to raise more awareness about this wonderful mission that we are all so passionate about, along with expanding our club and hopefully being able to train more guide dogs here at URI in the near future!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Thursdays 5:30pm

Website: puppyraisersclub.wordpress.com
Category: Just For Fun
URI Quidditch*
Org Name: URI Quidditch
Org President: Laura Shapleigh
Phone: 347-834-1485
Email: uriquidditch@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/URIQuidditch/
Description: The goal of the URI Quidditch Club is the provide the students at URI an inclusive and fun environment to enjoy the growing college sport, Quidditch. Quidditch is a full contact, intramural sport and URI Quidditch strives to provide every student with the chance to enjoy it safely in a non-judging group. URI Quidditch will accept any and all members and will not discriminate based on age, gender, sexuality, or race.
Events: Meetings: Wednesday @ 7:00pm in Memorial Union 360
Location: Memorial Union Room 130
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Kate Marie Vasquez-Braun
Treasurer: Hunter Sampson
Secretary: Kate Marie Vasquez-Braun
Fundraising and Advertising Chair - Lydia Crandall
SNEQC Representative - Neil Motta

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/URI-Quidditch-181483901890789/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RhodyRidgebacks

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Rocketry*
Org Name: URI Rocketry
Org President: Joseph Hamilton Jacobs
Phone: 607-368-9209
Email: rocketry@rhodysenate.org
Description: We seek to build and launch model rockets at URI. We hope to teach members the basics of model rocket construction, aeronautical physics, and having a good time. We hope to have bi-monthly launches soon. In the long term, we hope to go to rocketry competitions to win awards and gain recognition as a true Rocketry club/team.
Events: Meetings: TBD
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urirocketry
Category: Just For Fun
URI Rotaract Club*
Org Name: URI Rotaract Club
Org President: Shannon McIsaac
Phone: 603-793-8896
Email: rotaract@rhodysenate.org
Description: Rotaract is a national student organization that sits under Rotary International. We focus on service, both locally and on an international level. Our goal is to foster a sense of community that follows "service above self"

Rachael Horrocks
Vice President:
Dan Levesque
Joy Norris
Other Exec:
Program Coordinator- Jill DeLasanta
Events: Fall 2017: Every other Monday @ 6pm starting September 11

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/450208175063493/
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Category: Academic
Org Name: URI S.A.V.E.S.
Org President: Caralyn Granato
Phone: 401-533-0536
Email: uri.saves@gmail.com
Description: URI S.A.V.E.S. is a volunteer organization that engages students in various service opportunities in the surrounding community without being tied to religious affiliations or dedicated to one specific cause, agency or class. URI S.A.V.E.S. will appeal to many different interests ranging from the environment to issues of health, poverty, human rights, and animal rights.
Events: Interested in joining our club? Just come to a meeting! All are welcome.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Meetings: Tuesdays at 6:00pm in Memorial Union Room 360

Vice President: Chris Alves
Treasurer: Brittany Lucas
Secretary: Michaela Baum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uri.saves
Twitter: http://instagram.com/uri_saves

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
URI Saudi Club*
Org Name: URI Saudi Club
Org President: Mosa Alzowelei
Phone: 978-237-6730
Email: scuri@rhodysenate.org
Description: http://saudisaturi.wix.com/scuri

The URI Saudi Club is here to exchange the cultural traditions with especially American culture and other cultures across the world that exist at URI and to host event that would better inform people about Saudi Arabian culture. Also, SCURI is going to welcome and help new Saudi students and guide them through every step to be successful students, and be a main reference for those who are currently taking Arabic classes and help them practice the language.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Saudi-Club-at-URI/870307266313264

Twitter: @Saudis_URI
Category: Cultural, Religious & Social
Org Name: URI SCUBA Club
Org President: Christopher Jenkins
Phone: 612-516-7513
Email: scubaclub@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uriscubaclub/
Description: As an organization, our goal is to cultivate and support a thriving community of SCUBA divers within URI, as well as making it accessible to the student body as a whole. We aim to supply students with the information, equipment and training necessary to give them access to the underwater world. Drop in on one of our meetings or just swing by our office if you're interested!
Events: Scuba club exists as an active SCUBA community on Campus in order to maintain the student body's connection with the underwater world. This involves ensuring the safety and accessibility of diving activities for students, providing the necessary knowledge and training, and connecting members with resources that we cannot ourselves provide.
Hope to see you underwater!

Meetings: 7 PM Memorial Union Room 354
Location: Memorial Union Room 350
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Come share your best dive stories of the biggest fish or the worst fish and learn about selected topics in diving. This is also the best time to ask about training opportunities or to plan dive trips.

Vice President: Tori Stack
Treasurer: Micheal Rock
Secretary: Kiran Reed

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Service Corps*
Org Name: URI Service Corps
Org President: Rachel Sylvia
Phone: 401-932-6355
Email: uriservicecorps@gmail.com
Website: http://uriservicecorps.weebly.com/
Description: Treasurer:
Mary O'Connor
Vice President:
Daniel Riley
Other Exec:
Fundraising Coordinator: Rowan Talbot-Guerette
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: The students of The University of Rhode Island have worked to expand and improve The Alternative Spring Break Program since 2009. Student leaders work together to form a service trip focused on gaining perspective and unifying of students. The continuation of these trips promote service and leadership among all parts of the URI community and offer a learning experience that impacts a student to continue service-learning throughout their life.

Alternative Break trips offer unique opportunities to integrate college students into real-world experiences in a supportive group setting. Student leaders work closely with their Trip Advisors to create a safe, productive, and fun trip.

Alternative Spring Break trips are not a vacation. Through this program students gain the opportunity to look at the local and global community critically through acts of service, activism, and leadership. The trip offers a real-life immersion into the social, economic, political, and cultural issues that affect our country today. This is an out of the classroom experience that facilitates critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be integrated into academia and the community.
Category: Community Service & Activism
URI Student Speech Language Hearing Association (URISSLHA)
Org Name: URI Student Speech Language Hearing Association (URISSLHA)
Org President: Mary Loveley
Phone: 401-439-9475
Email: URISSLHA@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/259119167561088/
Description: University of Rhode Island Speech Language Hearing Association (URISSLHA) is an organization for Communicative Disorders majors. URISSLHA is a member of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA). URISSLHA hosts audiology and speech language pathology guest speakers, organizes fundraising events, and provides information to students about various topics in communication sciences and disorders. URISSLHA is a mix of professional information and fun events where students can get to know their peers and share their love for CMD!
Location: Independence Square
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/259119167561088/
Twitter: @URISSLHA
Advisor: Find Us on Facebook
URI Supply Chain Management Club
Org Name: URI Supply Chain Management Club
Org President: Alden Dahl
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: uriscmclub@gmail.com
Description: URI Supply Chain Management Club is for any student interested in the various degrees of supply chain including transportation, logistics, warehousing, operations, network design, process improvement, purchasing, and marketing.

Location: Wednesdays 6pm in Ballentine 112
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Vice President: Sam Lawrence
Treasurer: Dennis Zhitkovich
Secretary: Elena Suriani & Verity Cheslo
Category: Academic
URI Surf Club*
Org Name: URI Surf Club
Org President: Sam Benadon
Phone: 908-295-9813
Email: SURF@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/112290542163967/?ref=br_rs
Description: Our goal is to help all URI surfers get the to the beach and surf, and help any other interested students learn to surf.
Follow our Instagram @urisurfclub
Events: Learn to surf, every fall!
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: VP: Kiran Reed
Treasurer: Matthew Sadowski

Last Updated May 2018
Category: Just For Fun
URI Table Tennis*
Org Name: URI Table Tennis
Org President: James Luther
Phone: 401-450-4711
Email: tabletennis@rhodysenate.org
Description: We are URI Table Tennis, a club devoted to having fun and playing ping pong! Want to just hit around and hang out? Great! We have people of all skill levels and are always looking for new people! Looking for a challenge? We welcome you too, and hope we can give you a good match!
If you are interested shoot us an email at tabletennis@rhodysenate.org or visit our Facebook Page!
Events: Tuesday 6:30pm-8:30pm
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uritabletennisclub
Category: Just For Fun
URI TV Network*
Org Name: URI TV Network
Org President: Kody Fraser
Phone: 401-573-9956
Email: uritvnetwork@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/URI-Media/174379712678491?fref=ts
Description: URI Media is a student-run television network that airs throughout campus, and also broadcasts it's content online. The cast and crew of URI Media are dedicated to providing fun, upbeat entertainment to all, in the form of student produced short films, musical performances, regular shows, live segments and more. New ideas are always welcome and everyone is encouraged to join.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays 6:00pm in Davis Hall.
Category: Creative Outlets
URI Wrestling Club*
Org Name: URI Wrestling Club
Org President: Matthew Cohen
Phone: 973-255-9058
Email: uriwrestling@aol.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/URI-Wrestling-Club/527134427337763
Description: Routine practices will be held 3 - 4 days a week, including dual meets and tournaments.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/URI-Wrestling-Club/527134427337763
Twitter: https://twitter.com/URIwrestling
Category: Just For Fun
Org Name: URISUP
Org President: Nick Marotta
Phone: 631-742-9434
Email: SUP@rhodysenate.org
Description: URISUP was founded to get as many people out paddle boarding as possible. Whether it be race training, bay clean ups, or touring the waters, there's something for everyone. No board needed!
Instagram: uri_sup
Location: TBD
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Niko Spentzos
Treasurer: Luke Scatenato
Secretary: Joe Ludwig
Social Media Director: Sarah Hoxsie
Category: Just For Fun
Volunteers Around the World*
Org Name: Volunteers Around the World
Org President: Magdaline Espinal
Phone: 401-954-3561
Email: volunteersaroundtheworlduri@gm
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
We're Offering Women Wisdom (WOWW)*
Org Name: We're Offering Women Wisdom (WOWW)
Org President: Brianna Riley
Phone: 860-941-5594
Email: woww@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/WOWW/161070713907019
Description: W.O.W.W is an organization that uniquely benefits URI by offering a chance for freshmen women to feel comfortable, safe, and supported in the community that our upper class mentors create. Freshmen, or Mentees, receive stability, support, and mentorship as well as the opportunity to become positive role models and future Mentors of the group. As an organization we strive to ease the transition of first year women to college life. Some topics we address include successful study habits, nutrition, sexual assault, campus involvement, time management, coping with stress, date rape drugs, substance abuse, domestic violence, and stalking. The sense of community we create for freshmen women helps to increase their personal development throughout the rest of their college careers.
Events: W.O.W.W meets every Thursday night in the Multicultural Center in the Hardge Forum throughout the academic year. Mentors and freshman are required to arrive for meetings at 6:00 PM. Additionally, before every meeting, WOWW Executive Board Members meet at 5:00 to discuss plans for the upcoming month. Members of W.O.W.W are also broken up into "families" with 2-3 freshmen Mentees assigned to 3-4 upper class mentors and each family gets together on the weekends and outside of mandatory weekly meetings to have fun off campus and get to know each other a little better.
Location: Thursday at 6PM in the Hardge Forum
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: President: Brianna Riley (briannariley@my.uri.edu)
Vice President: Anna Ritz (anna_ritz@my.uri.edu)
Treasurer: Aislyne Calianos (aislynecalianos@gmail.com)
Secretary: Emily Spisto (emily_spisto@my.uri.edu)
Recruitment: Rachel Chapman (rachel_chapman@my.uri.edu)
Recruitment: Leslie Hammer (leslie_hammer@my.uri.edu)
Philanthropy/Social: Alli Depari (allison_depari@my.uri.edu)
Philanthropy/Social: Rachel Beusse-Kauffman
Historian: Jenny Mongeau (jmongeau@my.uri.edu)
Historian: Katie Mattiace (kmattiace@my.uri.edu)
Merchandise: Stephanie Lowe (stephanie927@my.uri.edu)
Category: Leadership
Wildlife Society*
Org Name: Wildlife Society
Org President: Gwen Emery
Phone: 401-439-5251
Email: wildlifesociety@rhodysenate.or
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/133680590016519/
Description: URI Wildlife Society spreads awareness about human interaction with wildlife and their habitats, wildlife needs, and events that take place in Rhode Island. We also hope to encourage a better understanding of resource management science concerning wildlife, and push for an active participation to enhance wildlife standards. Whether your thing is wolves, big cats, dolphins, gators, falcons, or just plain walks in the woods, you are sure to find kin here! Meetings may consists of talks given by URI professors or other natural history professionals around Rhode Island.
Events: The mission of the Wildlife Society is to collectively learn more about the world in which we live. Whether it is through hosting a guest, having study sessions, or taking an adventure, we will all be able learn something new. Additionally this group can help raise awareness for conservation efforts and public outreach.

Fall 2018 Meetings TBD
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Aanchal Tewari
Treasurer: Brittany Amaral
Secretary: Kiely Quijano

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/133680590016519/

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Academic
Women in Business
Org Name: Women in Business
Org President: Tara Larson
Phone: 401-378-2514
Email: womeninbusinessuri@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/uriwib/
Description: The mission of URI's Women in Business organization is to advance the success of women within the University. We strive to empower the female population to gain a competitive advantage as they enter into the business world.
To further our mission we seek to:
-Teach women how to effectively utilize their unique skills within the context of business
We are an organization striving to help empower women and provide the tools to support them in future business endeavors.
- Create educational and real-world business opportunities to learn
- Provide opportunities to build long-lasting relationships with members of the business community as well as with fellow students
- Expose students to a variety of business careers
- Support members within the organization in searching for jobs through career-related guidance, learning programs, and career opportunities
- Work to give back to the community through philanthropy
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Other: Treasurer:Lucy Moyes
Vice President:Margaret Crook
Secretary: Kara Bissonnette
Category: Academic
Women's Club Soccer*
Org Name: Women's Club Soccer
Org President: Calli Coles
Phone: 435-646-9676
Email: womenssoccer@rhodysenate.org
Description: Competitive 2-3 practices a week and participation of fall and winter leagues.
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Teresa Nocera
Treasurer: Emma Chase
Secretary: Kaitlyn Brandow

Last Updated April 2018
Category: Just For Fun
Women's Republic at the University of Rhode Island*
Org Name: Women's Republic at the University of Rhode Island
Org President: Allison Lantagne
Phone: 603-305-8273
Email: womensrepublic@rhodysenate.org
Website: https://twitter.com/WomensRepub_URI
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Vice President: Sarah Gladstone
Treasurer: Mackenzie Lillis
Secretary: Taylor Lantagne

Last Updated March 2018
Category: Community Service & Activism
Women's Rowing Team
Org Name: Women's Rowing Team
Org President: Alycia Kime
Phone: 609-315-7449
Email: akime@uri.edu
Website: http://www.gorhody.com/sports/w-rowing/index
Description: We are a Division 1 rowing program looking for female walk-ons to join diverse team of hardworking, goal-setting, and competitive women. You can start rowing at any age, which makes rowing at the collegiate level so fun. As a D1 program, some perks include, but are not limited to: scholarships being awarded on a merit-basis, weekend trips to races with teammates; free gear; and priority registration for classes! The sport is easy to learn and great for any one who has tried sports but has not found their niche yet!
Location: Athletics Tootell 118
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: No
Category: Just For Fun
WRIU 90.3 FM Radio*
Org Name: WRIU 90.3 FM Radio
Org President: Benjamin Kinch
Phone: 401-874-4949
Email: gm@wriu.org
Website: http://www.wriu.org
Description: Rhode Island's leading non-commercial radio station, WRIU is the sonic embodiment of the independent spirit that spurred the creation of the state (and later inspired the whole nation... you know... that independent spirit).

A broadcast service of the University of Rhode Island, WRIU is managed by a student-run Executive Board and staffed by many dedicated student and community volunteers. Our offices and broadcast facilities are located on the third floor of the Memorial Union on URI's Kingston campus.

The station operates a 3500 Watt FM station broadcasting at 90.3 FM from a transmitter located on the URI campus to all of Rhode Island, as well as parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Long Island, NY, and worldwide via our Internet webcast. It also operates an online sister station serving both the URI community and the entire world via an Internet webcast.

WRIU is completely non-commercial, and receives all of its funding from three sources: the students of the University of Rhode Island, revenue earned from underwriting and, most importantly, through the support of its listeners during our annual fundraiser.

Being a non-commercial station allows WRIU the freedom to provide listeners with programming that is unlikely to find a home on stations that must rely on advertising revenue. This results in some of the most varied and exciting programming on your radio dial! Our program hosts are some of the most knowledgeable people in their specialties and week after week they bring you the newest and greatest music from around the globe.

WRIU-FM has been broadcasting for almost fifty years (and even longer as an AM station). The modern block format has been in place, more or less the same, for almost thirty years. Weekday programming is divided among the five major music departments (Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, Folk and Rock) along with a mid-day student freeform slot offering a variety of styles throughout the week. Weekends are devoted to a wide range of specialty programming. In addition to this, WRIU is your home for URI athletics and other campus and local events.

RIU2, our student-centric online sister station, is the modern descendent of the original Rhode Island State College Network, established in the 1930's that evolved into WRIU. What is now RIU2 has operated via a variety of transmission methods over the course of those many decades, existing as an AM broadcast station, a closed-circuit transmission, a cable radio station on the URI campus cable system and now as an Internet webcast. In all of its incarnations, RIU2 has served to give URI students their first taste of broadcasting. Recently, RIU2 has returned to its historical role as the leading broadcast source for a variety of URI athletic events, as well as a home for student-centric music and talk programming.
Location: 328 Memorial Union Mondays 5-6
Graduate Org: No
Recognized Org: Yes *
Other: Email: comments@wriu.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wriuradio and http://facebook.com/riu2radio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WRIU and http://twitter.com/riu2radio

Vice President: Jack O'Marra
Treasurer: Beryl Fisher
Secretary: Jack O'Marra
Others: Jon Brock, Sam Murray, Stone Freeman, Mike Majdalani, Monica Conway, Makenzi Fallia, Sam Lostosco.
Category: Creative Outlets

* indicates that the organization is recognized by the Student Senate.
Grad Org = Graduate Student Organizations

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